Online and Blended Learning: Wrap-up. Conclusions and Evaluation.

Graduating as a Webhead in Action


(Week 5: Feb 11 - 17)




Moderators:  Sharon Betts (USA), Maria Bossa (Argentina) and Larisa Olesova (Russia/USA)

Guest presenter: Ayat Tawel (Egypt), Maria Bossa (Argentina), Marijana Smolcec (Croatia) and Claudia Carril (Uruguay), Rita Zeinstejer (Argentina) and Rubena St. Louis (Venezuela)




Please click on the image below to listen to a Voxopop message about this week's activities: 







By the end of this week you will have:
  • shared your reflections about how you intend to use either blended learning or online learning in your  activity
  • participated in a live presentation on Google Applications and commented on the live session 
  • shared your Reflections on the workshop  
  • completed the EVO Evaluation Survey
  • attended a live "Graduation ceremony" chat
  • graduated as a Webhead and joined The Webheads in Action community of practice





Task 1


Share your reflections about how you intend to implement either blended learning in your face-to-face classrooms or online learning and what type of tools you will give priority to in order to carry out your plan in this Google Doc.


Task 2


You are invited to Ayat Tawel, Maria Bossa, Marijana Smolcec and Claudia Carril presentations on February 11, 2013; time: 18:00-19:00 GMT; venue: Webheads' Elluminate vRoom.


You are invited to Rita Zeinstejer's presentation on  Google Applications, February 13, 2013; time:  13:00 GMT; venue: Webheads' Elluminate VRoom and to Rubena St. Louis's presentation, February 15, 2013; time: 18:30 GMT; venue Webheads' Elluminate VRoom.


Comment on the Live Session here.


Task 3

Share your reflections on BAW2013  here.


Task 4

Complete the final Survey  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QNSH7MC


Task 5

Join the Graduation Ceremony; venue: Webheads' Elluminate VRoom, February 17, 2013, time: 14:30 GMT.


Task 6

Join the Webheads in Action community of practice at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/ and graduate as a Webhead in Action.




Tools to explore


1. Google Docs (you can find a tutorial on Google Docs here) and/or watch it below:







I have....

  • shared my reflections on how I will use blended learning and/or online learning in my teaching practice 
  • attended the live session/listened to the recording
  • commented on the live session  
  • shared my reflections on the workshop 
  • completed the final survey
  • attended the Graduation ceremony
  • joined the Webheads community of practice and graduated as a Webhead in Action 




Suggested readings



(There are many other additional readings and interesting videos to watch for further reference in the Readings page.)