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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 11 years, 1 month ago


Webheads in Action & what Webheads has become

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 13:00 - 14:00 GMT (Week 1)




Guest presenter: Vance Stevens (UAE)

Moderators: Dafne Gonzalez (Spain), Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal), Helen Davies (France), Jose Antonio (Brazil), Larisa Olesova (Russia/USA), Maria Bossa (Argentina), Marijana Smolcec (Croatia), Sharon Betts (USA), Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)



Abdelkarim Korbi (Saudi Arabia), Aladdin Ahmed (Saudi Arabia), Ali Boumoussa [Canada), Anzhelika Vladyko (Russia), Bernard Alsina (Saudi Arabia), Bob Lejkowski-Clark (Poland), Catherine Boissier (France), Cholpon Musaeva (India), Debbie Tebovich (Argentina), Dicle Erbay Üzal (Turkey), Fiona MacMartin (Korea), Flávia Uhlmann (Brazil), Karen Frazier Tsai (USA), Lia Mika (Greece), Maria Colussa (Argentina), Maria Ossei (France), Maria Rita Pepe (Italy), Mildred Mendoza (Venezuela), Ozlem Zengin (Turkey), Peggy George (USA), Sarath Seneviratne (Canada), Sabrina Wilson (Spain), Seda Tevs (Turkey), Sneza Filipovic (Serbia), Stael Ruffinelli (Paraguay; a guest, I believe), Suhel Ahmed (Saudi Arabia), Tatiana Kharlamova (Russia), Ulviyya Israfilova (Azerbaijan)


There were 28 members, 9 mods and 1 guest speaker, a total of 38 participants altogether from 21 countries!





You can watch the recording here.


And here's Vance's post about the presentation.




Joined on 16 de Janeiro de 2013 at 12:35


Me: hi vance

Me: vance didn't you come in as a mod?

Me: same here. but i'll log in again

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: Hello everybody!

Me: ok, vance

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: Hello Vance,  

Hello Teresa, hello Larissa

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: yes

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hello Teresa yes I can hear you very well

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hello Vance! Nice to see you!

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hi Fernanda!

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Anyone is talking or not?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hello from Argentina

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: Hi Maria

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: hi, teresa

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: hi larisa

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hi Maria

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: ohhhhh.. its also raining here

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: It's raining a lot here near Aveiro

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: well... same weather all over the world :D

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: but I guess your rain is warm, Maria

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: yeap, a bit

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: It was raining a lot yesterday here as well

Vance Stevens [Abu Dhabi]: sunny and pleasant here

Me: ours is very "wet", right fernanda?!  ;-)

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Great to hear that Vance

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Teresa and Fernanda, it is better than having snow right?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: i guess sun will come out at midday so... hot afternoon again

Bob []: Hello Everybody.

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hello Bob

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hi Bob :)

Me: no, larissa. i definitely prefer snow

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: agree with you teresa

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Oh Teresa you should go to Yakutsk again LOL

Bob []: We have snow here, just cleaned the car yesterday!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: wowowo... great Bob

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Bob, where are you from?

catherine boissier [grenoble]: hi everyone

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: hello catherine

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hi Catherine

Bob []: From London originally but living in northern Poland now

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): lol

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: wowowowowoowwo.... Poland! :D

Bob []: Hello Catherine

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: no, we slept a couple of hours ... lol

catherine boissier [grenoble]: 20cm of snow hre today

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: sure, we did!!!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hello Bernard! Welcome

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: we were 42!!!!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: sleepy head, Teresa!? ;)

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Hi Maria .. Che! Como estas?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: ohhhhhhhh... Argentinian Spanish around!!

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: tengo familia en Buenos Aires

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Bonjour, Helen!!!

Bob []: Baby sleeping in room - soryy teresa

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: ohhhhhhh... que bueno Bernard! :D

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Me too, baby sleeping, can only text today

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): ok, bob. that's top priority  :-)

Helen Davies [France]: Bonjour Maria and everyone

Bob []: Thnx

catherine boissier [grenoble]: multi tasking with babies. Cool

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: you can go ahead, Teresa

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: no we didnt

Bob []: Easy when they sleep Catherine

Helen Davies [France]: Yes please do Teresa :)

catherine boissier [grenoble]: I know, tell me about it. I've only got 4

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): will do, ladies  :-)

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: can I?

catherine boissier [grenoble]: very distant, maria

Bob []: Hear you fine Maria but a little distant

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: LOL :D

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: i will try the setups later on

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: i wont need the mic today! ;)

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Baby sleeping next door too here, can't use the mic today

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): clear sound, fernanda

catherine boissier [grenoble]: Hi Fernanda- no snow?

Helen Davies [France]: Hear you clearly Fernanda

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): same here, but maybe less windy, fernanda

Bob []: Me too!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: clear and loud enough :)

catherine boissier [grenoble]: All quiet today!

Bob []: Not too many here yet Catherine

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): nice slides, vance

Anzhelika Vladyko [Yekaterinburg]: Hi, everyone!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): ok, vance

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hi Anzhelika

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: wowowow... what a CV, Vance!!! Really impressive! :)

Bob []: Hello Anzhelika

Anzhelika Vladyko [Yekaterinburg]: Hi, Bob=)

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hi Tatiana

Daf [Spain] 1: hi everyone!!!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): hi angelica and daf

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hello Daf!

Anzhelika Vladyko [Yekaterinburg]: Hi, Teresa, nice to see you again=)

Daf [Spain] 1: :-)

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Karen! Welcome again!!! :)

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Hi! :-)

Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov] 1: Hi everybody

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: That's correct

Anzhelika Vladyko [Yekaterinburg]: Hi, Tatiana

catherine boissier [grenoble]: Hi all

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Last year I was in CA and then moved to Seattle. :-)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): ok, karen. i'm glad it's not my aging neurones

Bob []: Hello Tatiana

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: lol teresa

Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov] 1: Hi Anzhelika

Daf [Spain] 1: I love Seattle :-)

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: lol

Daf [Spain] 1: page is not shown

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Me, too! Come for a visit sometime!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): www.digibridge.net

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Buenos dias Debbie!!!  :)

Daf [Spain] 1: :-)

Bob []: Hello Debbie

Moderator (Session Leader):

Moderator (Vance Stevens [Abu Dhabi]): http://webheads.info/

catherine boissier [grenoble]: can't wait!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: hiiiiiiiiiiii Cholpon!!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): this is the correct url 


Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi everyone

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Good morning everyone!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hola Debiie

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: Hello everyone

Daf [Spain] 1: I cannot open yours either, Teresa

Anzhelika Vladyko [Yekaterinburg]: Hi, Cholpon

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hello to you all

Anzhelika Vladyko [Yekaterinburg]: Hi, Ali

Sarath Seneviratne [Toronto, Canada]: Hi everyone :-)

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: no sound here

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Maria my mate is next to my laptop, yours?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: no, i had a yougurt instead!!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]):  


Bob []: Ali check settings as we have sound

Daf [Spain] 1 to teresadeca [portugal], Vance Stevens [Abu Dhabi], Session Leader: Teresa, I cannot open yours either

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: healthy feeding, that's good!

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: Ali, try tools, audio, audio setup wizard

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: jajajaj, i had my breakfast some minutes ago

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: so... mate will come later on

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: I took some MATE to Egypt

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I see like me, first coffee, then mate

Helen Davies [France]: @ Ali can you hear sound ?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: and it was a nice experience to explain how to drink it!!

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: For those who don't know, Mate (pron. Mahte) is an Argentinian drink haha

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Hi, Cholpon!

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: not yet

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Karen

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Thanks Bernard

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Teresa

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Maria

Helen Davies [France]: @Ali - have you got a headset or speakers on your computer ?

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Vance

Helen Davies [France]: @Ali - go to "tools " and do the "audio set up" let us know how it goes

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I wonder why the screen is not the whole screen

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): i'm not doing anything

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): no vance

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Good morning everyone!

Helen Davies [France]: Is it me ? goodness

Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Hi to everyone

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: It is Ali Boumoussa that is app sharing

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Hello, everyone.

Anzhelika Vladyko [Yekaterinburg]: Hello, Peggy

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: I guess so, Helen

Marijana [Croatia]: Hi everybody, hi Vance

Marijana [Croatia]: I just wanted to say hello,  am on my way home now

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: HI, Vance.

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Marijana

Marijana [Croatia]: Hi Cholpon

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hi Marijana

catherine boissier [grenoble]: I've got it open here in France but am not using it

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: yes

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes

Helen Davies [France]: Yes

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Ali Boumoussa is app sharing

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: yes

Anzhelika Vladyko [Yekaterinburg]: yes

catherine boissier [grenoble]: yes

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: yes

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: yes.

Daf [Spain] 1: yes in french

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: yep

Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov]: yes

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: just close it Vance

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes

Marijana [Croatia]: me to in French

suhel ahmed [jeddah ]: yes

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: it's in french right

Bob []: Debbie you can resize - tools, application sharing, scale to fit

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: gone

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: perfect

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hola Maria Colussa in Argentina

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: me too

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yeah it's gone

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: now it's gone

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hello Sharon

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: it's gone now

Helen Davies [France]: So who stopped it ?

catherine boissier [grenoble]: it's gone

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: ok Thanks Bob

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): surely

Marijana [Croatia]: go, go Vance

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Hello all - and good morning here!  Nice to have Vance with us this year -

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I'm excited to hear this story about webheads! Had to set my alarm to wake up so I wouldn't miss it :-)

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: lol peggy

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: Greetings from Argentina!

Marijana [Croatia]: Will jooin you later wehn I com home

Helen Davies [France]: That's dedication @Peggy

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hola Maria, saludos desde cordoba

Marijana [Croatia]: Bavo Peggy, bye now

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Peggy - luckily my dogs got me up, LOL.  It is an interesting history and each of us have our own stories, too.  We could write a book.

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: Thank you. sound ok now.

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: it looks perfect now! Thanks Bob

Helen Davies [France]: @Ali great news - enjoy now :)

Bob []: No prob

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I didn't know about that first segment of Writing for Webheads.

catherine boissier [grenoble]: it must have been an incredible time

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Could someone remove the Web Tour for now?

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I'm not seeing a web tour. You can just close that window.

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: I see the webtour

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: close it

Bob []: You can drag the web tour out of the way

Sharon [Maine, USA]: It tells me I do not have Moderator priveleges and cannot close it?

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: It's moderator's privelege

Bob []: I wasn't in 2002!

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: :-) Bob!

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Teresa or Fern could you close the web tour?

Bob []: Hi Sneza

Sharon [Maine, USA]: I can move it down - but, it still hides some of the slideshow and will not go behind

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: me too Sharon

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: Hi Bob

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): done

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: Hello everybody!

Sharon [Maine, USA]: I can slide it down and see the slides - has everyone done that?

catherine boissier [grenoble]: hi sneza

Daf [Spain] 1: I´ve moved it

catherine boissier [grenoble]: yes

Bob []: Done it

Sharon [Maine, USA]: My bar is actually grey.

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: ok, perfect, now.

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: Hi Cat

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Vance - can we embed these slides into our Wiki?

catherine boissier [grenoble]: you fine?

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: http://www.slideshare.net/vances

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): very sad about elderbob

Sharon [Maine, USA]: I so miss Elder Bob and his wonderful comments throughout the year.

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: great

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): no  :-(

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: no

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: not, really.

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: no

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: San Antonio was in 2005

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): but i remember the photos and the live session from the restaurant

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: wowowowo... a restaurant!!

Sarath Seneviratne [Toronto, Canada]: yes

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: must've been really cool, Teresa.

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: did he say captain?

Moderator (Session Leader): tapped in

Moderator (Session Leader): http://tappedin.org

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: ah ok, thnx

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): me neither

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: TI. yes... occasionally. apparently closed this  year.

Daf [Spain] 1: MOO

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): hi fiona!

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: that's too bad! I guess people have moved on to more visual platforms like Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate for connecting

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Hey Vance!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Nice to see you, Vance

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: black n white

catherine boissier [grenoble]: 10 yrs on and you're still meeting everyweek!

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Good to meet you

Fiona MacMartin [Korea] 2: yes

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): it's better that we don't have video, vance. only for a while. bandwidth

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): MUVE

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I like to see who's talking ... more real for me

Sharon [Maine, USA]: I am imagining a reunion with all attendees over the 10 years meeting face to face for a big picnic.

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: fun :-)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): TI was a MUVE, vance

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Fun - if people are on slower connections will the webcams slow them down - if it does, please let folks know.

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I love the name learning2gether :-)

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: that would really be fun Sharon!

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Terasa?

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Fernanda

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: great!

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Teresa

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Teresa

Bob []: TEresa?

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: HI, Bernard.

Helen Davies [France]: Dafne or Teresa

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Daf

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Hi Bernard!

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: Stevens, do you still have the Learning2gether Sundays?

Sharon [Maine, USA]: We guessed............

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): taggalaxy

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Wow

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Yes, he does! Ali

Dicle Erbay Üzal [Ankara]: There were some Teresa answers :)))

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I guess Vance didn't see our guesses :-)

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: can't speak this time (baby sleeping)

suhel ahmed [jeddah ]: hi bernard,suhel here fromkau

Dicle Erbay Üzal [Ankara]: yep

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: slides are moving too fast Vance!

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Hi Suel

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Can we get the screen for pics - just for a few seconds?

Moderator (Session Leader): http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/w/page/32206114/volunteersneeded#Nextupcomingevents

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Hi Flavia

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: It seems I see no quick slides

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Hi Flavia

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Good to have this resource.

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: I only see Next upcoming event

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Hi Debbie

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Hi, Debbie.

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: ok

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: you have to click on Upcoming to see the whole page

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Sharon

Sharon [Maine, USA]: I cheated - that is Sharon -

catherine boissier [grenoble]: got to do my hair first!

Helen Davies [France]: Sharon

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): ol cat

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Hello, Sharon.

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Just got out of bed - you do not want to see my webcam

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: that's a great pic Sharon :-)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): it's always grainy for me, vance

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hola Debbie, estas en camara!!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): but the photo comes out clear

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Better, Debbie.. Now much better.

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: that's what I feel

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): how true, vance!  :-)

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Everybody willing to help each other+

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: feels so good

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Holding virtual hands.

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Hey, Ali.

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Definetely, yes Debbie!!

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Hi Ali

Bob []: That's what webheads and evo is all about

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: wowowo... hello Ali

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: just scroll down the page to see the events for Learning2gether :-)  


Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Sharon, it's the same for me! No one wants to see me right now! :-)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): hi flavia

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): ths for being here, ali

catherine boissier [grenoble]: hi ali

Sharon [Maine, USA]: I seem to have two Ali;s

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Hello, Teresa.

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Aha - there it went

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: no one is in their pajamas :-) hmmm....

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Hello, Helen.

Daf [Spain] 1: I am - lol

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Oh Helen - HI

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: kkkk, Peggy.

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Helen

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: nice to see you

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: it's 6:00am in Phoenix AZ :-)

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: try colour, Helen

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: nice haircut

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: @Sharon yes, there's Ali and Ali Baba

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Vance, your voice has speeded up lol

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: dealing with PBworks

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: which I find challenging

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: just learning how to navigate all of the spaces!

Bob []: Intro to Yahoo groups and pbwiki

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: ok now

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: I've been copying (LOL!) all the linnks possble and work on the new tools

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Using on my blog - like Speakpipe

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Helen - looks like you are working on your house.

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: hi!!!

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Hi Lia

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Vance are you seeing the chat log?

Helen Davies [France]: Exactly Sharon - I'm living in a building site ;)

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Guess they are just too new -

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: About the great history of BAW

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): flavia, you can use delicious or diigo to keep bookmarks

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: we're all typing our answers to your question

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: it's great to see so many people sharing..

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Do we have to say ONLY ONE???? ;)

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: usig the Video here

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): go ahead, maria

Maria OSSEI [Saint-Etienne]: how to upload my photo onto the participants page wiki

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Thanks Ali -

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: I'm a new comer...so it's great to know all about it.

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Hi Cholpon!

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Vance, we are playing, just give us some time lol

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Hi, Cholpon.

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): hello

catherine boissier [grenoble]: that on year on it's easier and it's good to be back

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hi Maria

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hi Cholpon

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): we heard you, maria

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi everyone

Sharon [Maine, USA]: It was Maria

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Vance are you seeing the chat?

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: What I´ve learned

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: which Maria?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: we are Marias in this session!!

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: LOL Maria Bossa it was Maria Colussa

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): hi maria

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Hi Maria

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hello Maria Colussa

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I don't think Vance is seeing the chat and he wants people to take the microphone

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Hello, who is speaking

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: one thing I learnt? Stevens can survive without a moustache ;-)

Sharon [Maine, USA]: It is fun to see the pictures float on top of each other.

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: LOL Ali :D

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Flavia you can see on the right of the mic who is speaking - right now it is Maria Colussa

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Lia is really concentrating -

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Just click the button, Maria

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Thank you Maria

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: hello!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): that's fine, maria

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: sure she is

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: ok

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: I wasn't sure if I was shown!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Hi Lia :D

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: My question is really about Web conferences resources for private teachers like me, sinse these programs are expensive and for greater number of students.

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: The most amazing thing for me is not to be afraid of clicking the wrong buttons:)

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: It's great to see everyone's faces!

Bob []: Flavia there are free alternatives that we will probably find out about later

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Lia

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: i'm not sure how to use it

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Great, Bob. I'm relly working fwd to it.

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: where is it?

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: lower left corner and has a picture of microphone and says Talk

Bob []: Flavia - no problems. I have no funding as am a private teacher too. Always looking fpr free stuff :)

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: sorry, looking fwd to it, Bob.

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: sure, we all do that, Bob

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: As teachers can we use this space with our ss? How?

catherine boissier [grenoble]: It's all fun, hey Lia?

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: it's fun all right!

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Someone should note that there are comments in the chat room - many do not have mics.

Bob []: It definitely helps if you can communicate with others

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Yes, We can say that BAW is PLN OK?

Bob []: And it's fun!

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: I'll try again thank you!

catherine boissier [grenoble]: Yes, it's a place for trial & error

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: I'd like to know about the Webheads coordinators support to us...along the year.

catherine boissier [grenoble]: yes, it's being together in our mistakes AND successes

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: yes

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: Yes!

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Who should we better ask for support, when needed?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Susan is overwhelming

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Google Hangout?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: yes, bernad

Bob []: Flavia - BAW 2012 sort of ran on through the year with people helping each other

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: Absolutely true Cat!

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: not tried it yet, eager to see it

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: a Dogme live session lol

catherine boissier [grenoble]: Thnx for being there!

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Tks, Bob.

Bob []: Flavia - ask on the message boards anyone will help you

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: what's your question, Flavia?

Daf [Spain] 1: lol

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): lol vance

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: it can be overwhelming if not ...

catherine boissier [grenoble]: Still not had time to put my face on yet

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): right. she did

Sabrina: Google hang out on air? I haven't tried it but plan to soon. Just trying to find out if it can be saved on youtube as private recording not public.

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Like that term - Chaos navigator - describes me at times.

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: @Maria - to have webheads coordinators support along the year, when needed. Possible?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Yes, we are around all year around; in the yahoo group


Maria Bossa [Argentina]: and privately, if you want

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Breaking rules and chaos can results in big discoveries and revelations

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: and in the wiiki

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hello everyone

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: that's good, @Maria.

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: @Debbie... yes

Sharon [Maine, USA]: @Flávia - there are always webheads around - all year!  At the end of the session, you will be able to join another group that communicates all the time.

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: A question to everyone, how do you orgnize your  your eDays? mine is chaotic chaos... i find it hard make the most of it

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): thank you, vance. very sweet of you  :-)

Bob []: Sabrina - http://jefflebow.net/how-to-stream-record-publish-google-hangout-on-air

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): we've had great teams along the years

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: sure, we do have them ;)

Helen Davies [France] #2: Can anyone remind me how to make the chat box bigger ?

Daf [Spain] 1: we survived 10 years ago, VAnce

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: @ sharon. What group?

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I wasn't able to type in my chat for the last 5 minutes! So glad it's back for me!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: @Flavia- yahoo griup

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: oh, can we make this chat box bigger?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: BaW13

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: yes

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Helen I am trying through Tools - Chat but it is still small

Daf [Spain] 1: yes ali

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: ok, then. Will hte Yahoo group on all year?

Sharon [Maine, USA]: @Ali - it is difficult  and everyone has their own methods.  Sometimes you just have to "turn some things off" and concentrate on one or two systems.

Anzhelika Vladyko [Yekaterinburg]: yes

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: Yes I agree, but I think you have to have objectives in mind otherwise you get distracted

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Yes, Flávia

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: yes

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I think our first few days have been spent just trying to learning how to use Yahoo groups and the wiki and introducing ourselves.

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: guys, if you drag the web tour window out of the way you can see the photo montage of us on our webcams

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: @Sharon. Many tks,

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: I think filtering is essential

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: just ask for help and someone will turn up for help

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Wow - the chat room is busy today - Hope people go back and read the transcript as many good points and questionss are floating by.

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: i think people end up make choices

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Teresa you are so clear

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: wowow... JA... hiiiiiiiiiii! I haven't seen you

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Hello JA

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Maria. My net was down

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Sharon

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: Take your own time!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: ohhh...

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: thanks, Teresa!

catherine boissier [grenoble]: I remember how it all seems too much at first. Make choices and take time - you don't hav to do everything al the time

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Tks, teresa

Daf [Spain] 1: ask questions, and they will be answered ;-)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]):  http://baw2013.pbworks.com/w/page/62008026/10YearsOfBaW

Sabrina: Thanks Bob! I'll read it later.

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Catherine - yes!

catherine boissier [grenoble]: Such a great team

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: I remmeber that the first time I took BaW I was overhwhelmed, but then I got used to it and organized it in my own way.

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: very nice @Teresa!! What a treasure!

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: Happy Anniversary!

Sharon [Maine, USA]: It is a Wonderful page - brought back to many memories..

Daf [Spain] 1: it is a wiki page

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): http://baw2013.pbworks.com/w/page/62008026/10YearsOfBaW 

catherine boissier [grenoble]: there'll tears soon!

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: It looks great Teresa!

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: It is a great page.

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): thank you, all!  :-)

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: web tour doesn't need to be open

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Yes

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: yes

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): very nice, vance

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: yes

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes. love it

Moderator (Vance Stevens [Abu Dhabi]): http://screencast.com/t/HwNTX4So

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: It's a great page, Teresa!

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: yes, screen capture

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: you're sending us out to our browsers with your web tour

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: learning to be familiar with it.

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Yes  Vance. Jing is a great tool

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: no

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): but may but snagit in the future so i can edit videos

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: No, I do not know about Jing

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Ali, there's something I would like to tell you

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: nice pic!!!

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Can you read me?

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: yes Debbie

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Yes, screencast

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes. we have a lot of his video tutorials in the tutorilas page

Bob []: teachertrainingvideos.com - Russells web page

Sabrina: yes. I've used Jing for a project. Russell has a great blog and emails monthly notes.

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: I also use screenr sometimes.

Aladdin Ahmed [jEDDAH] to Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: hello Ozlem

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: You can make videos too

Sharon [Maine, USA]: I use it all the time for putting together short examples for teachers.

Moderator (Vance Stevens [Abu Dhabi]): http://jingproject.com/

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Russell Stannard has a super tutorial

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Yes Debbie, you can make videos

Bob []: http://teachertrainingvideos.com/

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: russell Stannard has great video tutorials!

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: thansk Bob

Sharon [Maine, USA]: thanks Bob

Helen Davies [France] #2: They are great resources for teachers

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: Great videos from, Stannard!

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: Thanks Bob & Russell!

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: Yes, I've seen him giving feedback on video

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): for his videos he uses camatasia, not jing

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): in w3

Dicle Erbay Üzal [Ankara]: no

Daf [Spain] 1: screenr is very good

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: We can produce a tutorial and thins we cn do with Jing

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: great

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Yes, Daf - I also like screenr

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I love the topics you have chosen for each week!

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I have tried Jing for a project called: "Video delivered lesson"

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Very nice - thanks

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: was much fun

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Jing Pro is going away next month and you have to subscribe to SnagIt if you want the additional features that aren't available in the free Jing version

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): right, peggy

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: yes the free version isn't going away :-)

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Do you think we will be able to use a systeem that will allow us to keep our productions using tools in our own cloud?

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): and snagit allows for editing. jing doesn't

Daf [Spain] 1: Screenr does all what jing does - it is free too

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I worry about losing my productions if websites close

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): right, vance

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: right Teresa! everything in Snagit is also in Jing but much more

Sharon [Maine, USA]: I try my best to backup my content - but, it can be an issue.

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I know Stanford Uni is working on PrPL prortfolio

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: This happened to me already. Terrible

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: web-based portfolio but not sure it will be available to everyone

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Yes, Jose, that's why it worries me

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): later i think

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: Was Study.com part of the beginnings?

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: @ Debbie. It happens with free stuff

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Still use Moodle a lot -

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I have to try Moodle

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): webheads were always on top of the wave, right?

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: that still happens today!

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Me too, @Debbie.

catherine boissier [grenoble]: but the curv has accelerated lots, no?

Stael Ruffinelli [Asuncion]: I s session recorded?

catherine boissier [grenoble]: curve

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: We just have to pray that Pbworks or Google that offer things for free continue making money, so we will continue having free access

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): i think webheads are a lot of things in one

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: With Snagit, you can record longer videos, scroll long webpages, and more. It's on sale right now for 50% off because Jing Pro is going away. It's $25 right now. :-)

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Looking forward to when one of these presentations gets into the practical applications in teaching!

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: I'd really like to go on Master's to learn more studies on these platmfors. Is there any Master's you know about?

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Ask the same question,here, @Bernard

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Stael - session is recorded and will be posted

Bob []: Flavia - Russel Stannard teaches one I think in London. Check his site

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Snagit isn't a yearly subscription--you pay once for a lifetime. I like that!

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Yes, Catherine the curve has accelerated and for those of us new to all of this, it's overwhelming. How do we know which of these to use? How do we know what's reliable when there are so many? I know we will learn in BaW, but right now I'm hearing about so many new ones.

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Karen - you just need to take baby steps - you will learn about a lot of them in the next 5 weeks.

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: @ Karen. That is a good question

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: @bernard... you can put into practise all you learn here any time

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I love the way so many webheads meet up with each other in person when they travel to different places in the world and then share their photos on Flickr :-)

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: yessssssssssss. agree with that!!!

catherine boissier [grenoble]: we're experts in FUN as teachers

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Yes, I have met you

Sharon [Maine, USA]: Bye all - I have another appt in 5 minutes - see you online - and thanks to Vance for a wonderful trip down memory lane and for looking toward the future with us.

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I think it might be overwhelming but if we work together it becomes a rich learning journey

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes, vance. and bee dieu's son

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: yes, it is Debbie

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: It was great to have you here Vance, and Michael, too

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: How do you see yourself in the furure?

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: Tks, Bob.

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: want to tell us anything about your other course Vance? Multiliteracies?

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): so true, vance

Stael Ruffinelli [Asuncion]: Can I liisten to this recording inmediately? I missed part most of the session.

Moderator (Vance Stevens [Abu Dhabi]): 


Maria Bossa [Argentina]: the recording will be in our Wiki soon, Stael

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: That's a good point, Debbie. Thanks! :-)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): it takes about half an hour, satel. or more for us to give you the link

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Online communities such as the webheads make my professional and personal life richer

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I took a MOOC where we were 6,000 people

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: It is a kind of mooc

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I'm very excited to be participating in the #etmooc which is also starting this week!

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: and it was amazing how much help we received every time we found lost

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: Absolutely! You connect more with Webheads than wiith colleagues f2f. Why is that? Less  dept politics, Less risk?

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Online communities such as the Webheads is one way of keeping professionally connecte. Many times in our brick and mortar places of work we do not find so meaningful connections

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: The Mooc had a fantastic webinar yesterday on many things related to using Twitter. It was really helpful!

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: a what bush?

Bob []: Berry Busg

Moderator (Vance Stevens [Abu Dhabi]): berry bush

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: ?

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: ah

Bob []: *bush

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: aha !!!

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: hahahaha

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I agree @Jose. Sometimes we know our online friends better that we know the people in our own schools :-)

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: I thought you meant sth else

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: yes!

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: great metaphors

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: agree with you Peggy!!

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: @ Peggy, that is true

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: It is sorting stuff from the pile of leaves

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): and you can't expect to learn everything in 5 weeks. it's a work in progress  :-)

Helen Davies [France] #2: That's a nice philosophy !

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: sure, it is Teresa

Bernard Alsina [Saudi Arabia]: Thanks very much Vance!

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: I have taken some moocs. I will start taking another one at the end of the month

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: we thank you !!!!

Aladdin Ahmed [Jeddah] #2: thanks

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Thanks Vance and Teresa. Wonderful session

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: you have to forget the words "trying to keep up with everything"!! Not important! Just learn what you can and connect when you can.

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Good point, Teresa!

catherine boissier [grenoble]: how do you get on a Mooc?

Flávia Uhlmann [São Paulo, Brazil]: All the best to you all. See you around. Tks, Vance, Teresa, Bob, Sharon and all BAWmates.

Helen Davies [France] #2: Thanks very much Vance

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: awesome people Congratulation!

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: thank you so much Vance for sharing about webheads!

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: I am sorry I was a bit late. My internet was down

Bob []: Thank you Vance and the mods - interesting webinar

suhel ahmed [jeddah ]: thanks Vance and Teresa..AGREAT INSIGHT

Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Thank you Teresa for all you are doing for our group!

Moderator (Vance Stevens [Abu Dhabi]): http://goodbyegutenberg.pbworks.com/moremoocs

Anzhelika Vladyko [Yekaterinburg]: Thank you for the session!

Maria Rita [Italy] #2: Thank you for this live session - goodbye

Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov]: Thank you, Vance and Teresa. So many interesting things

Sabrina: Thank you sooooooo much for this talk!!!

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: Thanks, Vance

Helen Davies [France] #2: Big round of applause !

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Catherine, you can check Stanford University MOOC

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Thank you so much!!!!!

Dicle Erbay Üzal [Ankara]: thnx!

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: Thank you so much you are so sweet people!

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Thank you, Vance! Thanks everyone, too!

Ali Boumoussa [Montreal]: Thank you everyone and happy anniversary

Abdelkarim Korbi [Jeddah]: thxs a lot

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: Thanks a lot!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): oh my!  blushing

catherine boissier [grenoble]: thank you very much

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): thank you all for coming  :-)

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: can you send the link to this wiki?please?

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Alec Couros great educator too

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): we'll send the link to the recording asap

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: A pleasure Vance. Thanx

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): larissa, maria and helen

Jose Antonio [Brasilia, Brazil]: Bye Dafne. Sorry I came in late and did not see your name

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: how can we get the recording?

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: sorry for the silly questions..

catherine boissier [grenoble]: thanks for ALL your work

Daf [Spain] 1: hey JA!!!

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: and JA

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Lia, the recording will be posted to the wiki

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: the recording will be in our wiki

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): thanks, vance!

Daf [Spain] 1: thanks a ton, Vance!!!!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): we'll send it out asap

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: which wiki exactly?

Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Looking forward to the recording. Bye for now.

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Baw13 Lia

Dicle Erbay Üzal [Ankara]: so let's leave the session everyone

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): i think we can stop the recording when you finish talking, vance

catherine boissier [grenoble]: we never stop talking!

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: thank you!!!!!!!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): no

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): thanks

Bob []: Goodbye everybody, have to go now. Thanks again Vance and everyone.

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Thank you Vance!

Mildred Mendoza [Maracay]: thanks a lot

lia mika [Edessa, Greece]: thank you bye bye

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Thanks again need to teach now. The good thing is the energy I am taking with me!

Larisa [Russia/USA] #2: Good bye everyone I am leaving to work

Sabrina: Good bye from Spain. Off to work now.

Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: thank you very much for this session

Maria Rita [Italy] #2: Bye

Debbie [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: bye everyone

catherine boissier [grenoble]: bye

Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade, Serbia]: Bye, everyone!

Daf [Spain] 1: bye everyone!!!!

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): bye all  :-)

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: bye everyone and thanks for coming

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Bye everyone

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: LOL

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: Bless you, Vance :)

Aladdin Ahmed [Jeddah] #2: bye for now

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: No, I came back last week

catherine boissier [grenoble]: how was it?

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: thanks

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: it was great

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): they'll be giving a presentation in week 5

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: thanks

catherine boissier [grenoble]: wow, i'm pleased for you both

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: thanks catherine

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: not for long, I'm afraid

catherine boissier [grenoble]: I'm off to look at moocs. Thx

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: good

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: have to go now... lunchtime here in Argentina

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: see you around, smiles to you all!

Maria Bossa [Argentina]: bye bye

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): me too. need to go. thanks, vance  :-)

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: I'll leave too, bye again








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