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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 11 years, 2 months ago





"Using Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Tools

in Teaching"


Thursday, Jan. 24, 12:00 - 13:00 GMT - week2



Guest speaker: Michael Coghlan (Australia)


Week 2 Mods: Ayat Tawel (Egypt), Jose Antonio da Silva (JA) (Brazil) and Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)

Other Baw13 Mods present: Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal), Maria Bossa (Argentina), Marijana Smolcec and one of her classes (Croatia), and Svetlana Obenausova (Czech Republic).



Bob Clark (Poland), Catherine Boissier (France), Cholpon Musaeva (India), Fabiana Casella (Argentina), Faith Fishley (Malaysia), Fiona MacMartin (Korea), Flavia Uhlmann (Brazil), Gildeta Serafim (Brazil), Karen Frazier Tsai (USA), Lucy Yordanova (UAE), Maizie Avihayil (Israel), Ozlem Zengin (Turkey), Pavla Svitkova (Czech Republic), Sabrina Wilson (Spain), Sanja Bozinovic (Croatia), Sneza Filipovic (Serbia), Suhel Ahmed (Saudi Arabia), Tatiana Kharlamova (Russia) and Teresita Mazzei (Venezuela).


There were 19 members, 7 mods and 1 guest speaker, a total of 27 participants from 21 countries. Fantastic!!!





You can listen to the recording here. There is a silence between minutes 1:35 and 2:55. Teresa's "glitch"!!!)


Webheads Theme Song










Joined on 24 de Janeiro de 2013 at 11:31 (The "Me" is Fernanda.)
Marijana [Croatia]: We will do our tasks and join you in 20 minutes
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: Hello
Marijana [Croatia]: Thank you Teresa   
Moderator: my greetings to them, marijana
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: amazing country
Me: hello everybody
Me: not very well, 'm afraid, a bit dizzy
Moderator: oh dear
Me: I hope Michael's presentation makes me feel better!
Marijana [Croatia]: Oh Fer, take care of yourself
Me: thanks, Marijana
Marijana [Croatia]: We will be with you in 20 min
Moderator: it will, fernanda! it's always great
Moderator: ok, marijana
Me: Hi, JA
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hi Fernanda
Moderator (Session Leader): good to hear you, fernanda    
Moderator (Session Leader): lol
Moderator (Session Leader): go ahead, lucy
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hi I was just turning my mic on and replying to some e-mails
Moderator (Session Leader): ok JA
Moderator (Session Leader): seems like lucy was kicked out!
Moderator (Session Leader): wb, lucy
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hello Marijana
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: Hi, everyone. Could you, please say something, because I think I lost my audio.   
Moderator (Session Leader): we hear a mic on but no voice, lucy
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: Yes
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Yes,
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: I didn't say anything....
Moderator (Session Leader): ok
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): I hear like a whisper
Moderator (Session Leader): that was me inadvertently
Moderator (Session Leader): i released the mic
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hello Michael
Me: Hi Michael!
Moderator (Session Leader): welcome, michael!    
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hello
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hello from Argentina
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Hello everybody.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Svetlana
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: Hi, Maria and Svetlana.
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: I am in between examining, will be only 50 minutes.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Michael
Moderator (Session Leader): right, michael
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Lucy
Moderator (Session Leader): welcome maria and svetlana
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Welcome, Michael
Marijana [Croatia]: Hello Michael
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Moderator   
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Thanks
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: It's nice to be here today, too
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hi Maria and Svetlana
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: enjoying our 4oºc here   
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Hello Pavla, glad to see you here!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi everyone !!  
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Ayat
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Hi Ayat
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: such a long time   
Marijana [Croatia]: Ogulin -3 in Ogulin
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hellloooo dear Michael !!
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hi Ayat
Marijana [Croatia]: MY students say hello Maria
Me: hi Ayat and Svetlana and Maria
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: ohhhhh... our minino bonito is also here!!! Bon dia JA
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Hello Fernanda
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hello Pavla and Lucy
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]:   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Teresa and JA !!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Fernanda !!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Oh Svetlana and Marijana !!
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Hi there. I hope more people will turn up
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): hi
Moderator (Session Leader): hi ayat
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): sound is perfect here
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: Hi, Ayat
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowowowowowo... why is that voice too familiar?????????
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: I cannot speak, do not have my headset at work
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hellooooo everyone !! What a group we are !!    missed you all
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Yes
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yes
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Me: yes
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): great
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bon dia minino!!   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): bom dia menina
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]:   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): @ Maria, your Portuguese is just getting better
Moderator (Session Leader): send some degrees over, maria    
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hello
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Oh, minus 6 here
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): ohhhhh, I know this sweet voice, sounds familiar to me too !!   
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: Hello.
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Hello Faith
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Here in Brasilia it's been raining a lot. a bit cool
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: thankssssss... my portuguese will be better!! But my arabic is almost PERFECT   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Faith   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hi Faith
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Pavla and Lucy !! nice you could join us   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): hi
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: Hello everyone
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hiiiiii
Moderator (Session Leader): that's so short, faith
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Hello Pavla, nice to see you here
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yeah, but sweet !!
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: I could hear you, but I'm not sure if you heard me.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Michael !!   
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: This is my first live session, so hopefully, I´ll do everything right
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: No worry.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Thankss
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: hello Svetlana, nice to "see" you
Marijana [Croatia]: Micheal, what is the time in Australia now, my students are asking!?
Marijana [Croatia]:   
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Oh, wonderful!
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): That is great Marijana
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: fabolous
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): 10.26 pm here in Adelaide, Aust
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: OMG
Marijana [Croatia]: oh, wow, almost a new day
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: it's 9 am here in Argentina!!!7
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Oh, wow !!Are you at school, Mariajan, that's very sweet !!    say hi to them all from Egypt
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: you are almost ending your day!!
Marijana [Croatia]: yes, we want to listen to your Australioan accent
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): lol
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: LOL   
Moderator (Session Leader): lol, michael
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: It is the exam period here, pity, it would be very inspiring for my students too.
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: Lol
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hi Gil
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Gil   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Gil
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hello Bob
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Bob   
Marijana [Croatia]: Hi Bob
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hello Bob
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Hello I´m very pleased and excited to be here with all of you
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Thanks
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hi Teresita
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): or would you like to have questions at the end ?
Bob []: Hello Everybody
Teresita Mazzei [Caracas]: Hi, everyone!
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Hey Tatiana
Marijana [Croatia]: sorry, just experimenting
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: I´m happy I could enter this room today after having much trouble with my pc
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Marijana !! sure   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Hi, everyone
Marijana [Croatia]: super Gildeta
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Hi to everyone   
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov]: Hello everyone!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hello Karen!! it's nice to see you again here!!   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Hi, Maria!
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): OK - thank you Ayat
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: great to see you this morning   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): You're welcome   
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi everyone
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hello Cholpon!!   
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): Ready to go!
Marijana [Croatia]: Hi Cat
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi teresa
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Cat
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Teresa
catherine boissier [france]: hello
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Cat and Cholpon !!
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Ayat
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Ozlem from Turkey   
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: good morning
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): just love your country soo much, Ozlem
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Michael, JA
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Hi Ayat   
catherine boissier [france]: hey Ja, long time no talk!!
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): Indded!
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Thank you ayat   I like yours as well   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Thankss   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: We all love Ayat's country!!   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): haha
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: esp the food   
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): My pleasure Teresa
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): JA, ready ?
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: you r right maria
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): Lost my mic
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: he is sleeping   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): It seems he has a problem in mic !!
catherine boissier [france]: too busy in speakpipe
Bob []: Hi Sneza
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): you go ahead, Teresa !!
Marijana [Croatia]: Helo Sneza
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Sneza
catherine boissier [france]: hi sneza
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): Teresa?
catherine boissier [france]: no sound coming in
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: we lost teresa aswell
Marijana [Croatia]: Hi Cat, how did you survive the lost in handball match yesterday?
catherine boissier [france]: hi Michael
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Good, Michael's is fine.
Bob []: We hear you Michael
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: no
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Hello everybody! Nice to see you all!
catherine boissier [france]: don't talk handball, please
Marijana [Croatia]: Ok, Cat, hugs
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: well yes, we did hear that
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): All is clear now !
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: there was a long pause after that
Marijana [Croatia]: we hear you clear Teresa
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): Yes - TAFE
catherine boissier [france]: no sledging today?
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): technical and further education
Marijana [Croatia]: no, in school now, with my students
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]):   
catherine boissier [france]: love it!
Marijana [Croatia]: we are listening the session
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: and what a voice!   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): TAFE : Technical and further education
catherine boissier [france]: Hi to the students!
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: I cant hear you. Have you started
Bob []: Hello Flavia
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Hello, everyone. Nice to be here.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Flavia
Marijana [Croatia]: thanks Cat, they are sending you their greetings as well
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Sneza !! we have just started
Bob []: Sneza - He has just started talking
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Bob... are you "frenchbob"?
catherine boissier [france]: lots of sinking!
Bob []: Yes - my yahoo id
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Egypt
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: good
Marijana [Croatia]: Croatia
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov]: Russia
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Seattle
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Czech Republic
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: UAE
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Flávia from Brazil
Me: Portugal
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: Kuching, Malaysia
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: Czech Republic
catherine boissier [france]: grenoble fance
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: India
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Argentina
Teresita Mazzei [Caracas]: Venezuela
Moderator (Session Leader): portugal
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Turkey
Bob []: Cold northern Poland
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Brazil
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @thanks Bob   
Moderator (Session Leader): welcome, flavia
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]): I will go out and come back.
Me: nice photo!
Bob []: Maria - No problem - good to be safe
Moderator (Session Leader): very nice!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): no problem, JA
catherine boissier [france]: can't live without it!
Moderator (Session Leader): welcome sabrina!
Marijana [Croatia]: Oh Cat, I know what you mean, we didn't have INternet this morning at home
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): haha   
Moderator (Session Leader): sydney and adelaide
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i was in the 1st three
Marijana [Croatia]: My students say, Buenes Aires, Hawaii, Australia
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Ny, Buenos Aires
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: India or Australia
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Buenos Aires is grat Marijana
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: the Andes are perfect
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): A place where I can skiiiiii on snow !!   
Moderator (Session Leader): and argentina and egypt
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: and Egypt is OVERWHELMING
Teresita Mazzei [Caracas]: Egypt
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: Buenos Aires
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Ohhh, you are all welcome in Egypt !!   
Marijana [Croatia]: Cape Town some studnets from Croatia
catherine boissier [france]: everywhere
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Flavia !!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yes
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): NY is gfine
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: y
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): yes
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: yes
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: Yes
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov]: yes
catherine boissier [france]: going there in the summer for the whales!
Marijana [Croatia]: NO, mics, but my student say there in Cape Town they have long beaches
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): why NY?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: because Maria is nearby!   
Marijana [Croatia]: Buenos Aires - as it is beautuful and warm at the moment and would like to visit my dear Maria Bossa
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes, to visit my dear Maria !!   
Marijana [Croatia]:   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: to dance TANGO and eat Argentinian meat
Marijana [Croatia]: LOL MAria
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: and of course, to drink good wine
Marijana [Croatia]: of course    we would dance
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: warmup
catherine boissier [france]: warm dreams!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): very interesting indeed, Michael   
Moderator (Session Leader): welcome, sneza and suhel. just noticed you   
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Hi!
Moderator (Session Leader): very nice, michael
suhel ahmed [jeddah]: hi
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Suhel   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Welcome back JA
Moderator (Session Leader): marijana and her class in croatia are here with us    
catherine boissier [france]: JA's back
Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2: hi
Sabrina, Spain: C
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Does every whiteboard have these features like  a star or a smiley for tagging?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: welcome back JA
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: C
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: C
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: C
Me: C
catherine boissier [france]: running to class soon!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov]: C
Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2: Yes, Cholpon most of them do
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thanks JA   
Teresita Mazzei [Caracas]: It doesnt work with me. I´m at home.
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: This is really nice.
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: How did you do that (publish the results)?
catherine boissier [france]: good tool
Marijana [Croatia]: only admin can do that
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Michael, how have you done that?
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Interesting!
Teresita Mazzei [Caracas]: Why wans´t I able to click the letter?
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: Thank you.
Marijana [Croatia]: in classroom here in CRoatia   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Isn't it clear for you, Teresita ?
catherine boissier [france]: good to be at school & not at home? LOL
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): You can find it under the list of names
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: You click on your name and then you click on the letter.
Teresita Mazzei [Caracas]: I tried but ti didn´t work .
catherine boissier [france]: dog's barking
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: But I would like to
Marijana [Croatia]: I have more blended mode
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Can you see the two ticks now, Teresita ?
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: In fact is blended.  
Teresita Mazzei [Caracas]: Ok, thank you to you  Ayat and Flavia!
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): @ Catherine and Annie. Thanks for the voice messages. I replied to them already
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I miss letters.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes, me too JA!!
catherine boissier [france]: Thnx so easy to use the speakpipe site
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: esp romantic ones   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Yes, Maria
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: ) @Maruia
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: @Maria   
Moderator (Session Leader): welcome, fiona
catherine boissier [france]: only write Xmas cards now
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]:    Flavia
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bravo cat! i dont even do that
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Me either @maria, Cat
Moderator (Session Leader): this session is the best example of synchronous
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Great Teresita , you did it !!   
catherine boissier [france]: too right
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I like this table
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: nice chart
Teresita Mazzei [Caracas]: I´m going to click on the cross. What is this for?
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): It's over, Teresita . We are looking at sth else now
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): but good it worked for you
catherine boissier [france]: that's what we're getting good at thanks to you!
Moderator (Session Leader): amazing, michael!
catherine boissier [france]: so many! hard to use & keep up!
Moderator (Session Leader): we demoed four yesterday here at elluminate
Me: nanogong is great!
Moderator (Session Leader): i demoed eyejot yesterday, michael
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yeah
Moderator (Session Leader): he gave us a pres. in week 1
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Yes, a great demo
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: eyejot is really cool
Moderator (Session Leader): vance, i mean
catherine boissier [france]: used eyejot thanx to Michael last year
Bob []: http://www.wimba.com/solutions/higher-education/wimba_voice_for_higher_education/
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Hi everyone. Sorry I'm late.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hello Sanja   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: it's ok, no problem   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Sanja   
Bob []: Hi Sanja
Marijana [Croatia]: I know Cat, love your eyejot just as my studnets enjoyed your message last year   
Moderator (Session Leader): welcome sanja!
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: hi Sanja
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: I use with some students. BTW I have a Google worker as a Sutdent
Marijana [Croatia]: Hi sanja
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Really Flavi?  cool. Google is great company to work for, i have heard
Marijana [Croatia]: I love google+hangout
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Me too!
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Hi, Marija.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Marijana... esp the reenders!   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I like it, too Maijana
catherine boissier [france]: good to be in diff situation to tal
catherine boissier [france]: talk
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: great idea
Marijana [Croatia]: We need to go now, hugs to all from my students and me, great session Michael , love new tools you mentioned
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bye Marijana and students
Moderator (Session Leader): we always put the chatlog in the session page we create for each session, michael.
Marijana [Croatia]: bye
catherine boissier [france]: bye everyone in croatia
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Bye Marijana
Bob []: Bye MArijana
Marijana [Croatia]: yes
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Bye Marijana
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Bye!
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Bye-bye
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Bye Mariaja, say Hi to all your students
Moderator (Session Leader): bye, marijana! thanks
Me: bye, Marijana
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: bye
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Bye Marijana
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: bye bye
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: I love Mind Mappings
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I have some experience with Vyew
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yes, it does
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: here in Argentina MSN is still very much used
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: no
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I used it
catherine boissier [france]: no
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes, but just for some time
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: no
suhel ahmed [jeddah]: no
Teresita Mazzei [Caracas]: No
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: no
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: no
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov]: no
Me: tried some times
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Not really. Once I tried some years ago, but couldn't keep it and see its value
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: No
Me: not with students
Teresita Mazzei [Caracas]: No
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I find it valuable, but SL is a bit difficult to work on
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: yes, but I think it takes a lot of time to learn how to use the environment
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: also, technical requirements are sometimes a problem for some students
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): yes
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: yes
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: Yes
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Anybody else has another opinion of SL ?
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: yes
Bob []: WE hear JA
Me: yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: y
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]):   
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: and you need to allow a lot of time for activities due to glitches
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: I'd probably better try to write here.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): ok, Sanja, no problem !!
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: I was late and didn't have time to check the audio. Sorry.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes, agree with you Michael... tooooooooo hard
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: How do we them in teaching/
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): It's even used alot in some courses and online events are held there !! However, I believe it needs some skills
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I agree Michael, It is tooo hard
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: but if the teacher has a lot experience and the students good connection and good computers, it's worth while
Bob []: Is OpenSIm less demanding on computer resources than SL?
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: I don't know much about Open Sim   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I liked the Avatar thing in Second Life
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: role plays are great, simulations, real world places, too
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thanks
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: talking to residents - a number of possibilities
Moderator (Session Leader): how about opensims, michael?
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Google+, Skype, mainly
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Also studied thru Moodle
Bob []: Only informal but very enjoyable if everyone participates. You only get out what you put in.
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I have used Vyew, Skype, and scriblr (not sure about pronunciation)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Skype
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Skype
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I agree Teresa
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Only Baw experience!
catherine boissier [france]: hard for all to speak but commenting is great
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Google + hangout
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: only in BAW
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: Yes-studied (Adobe Connect)
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Eyejot this is a bookmarklet
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): Synch > asynch
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Totally agree Teresa
catherine boissier [france]: I agree teresa
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: yes, I agree fully
Moderator (Session Leader): right, michael
Moderator (Session Leader): i love adobe connect too
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Faith !!
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: and when live sessions are recorded, they become asynchronous and serve again
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Big Marker... the other day on a webinar but it didnt work much
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]):   
Bob []: Shelly on the atesol webinars uses adobe connect.
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): @ Bob I like adobe connect, too
catherine boissier [france]: Michael's so good at getting us to participate
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): yes!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Bob... yes, Shelly always uses adobe
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Live interaction is really important from time to time !! It's the engaging part !!
Bob []: catherine - that is one of the important parts of webinars otherwise they become boring
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Agree, Ayat
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Ayat.. yes, you are right
catherine boissier [france]: yes, bob
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Without any live interaction it is difficult to stay motivated to learn
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yes, Sanja
Bob []: Agree Sanja
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: and it's boring, Sanja
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: We are social individuals, right?
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: I agree, Sanja
catherine boissier [france]: just an extension of connecting socially in class
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I like it because of that too Michael,it builds communities
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: True, JA
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): yes!
catherine boissier [france]: yes, practice gives confidence
Bob []: Especially if it is clearly explained like yesterday
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: yes It´s true
Me: I didn't use synchronous tools much when I was teaching, only some text chat with individual students; now that I'm retired I use skype to teach Portuguese as a Foreign Language
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): They feel safe if there is a community to support and give feedback
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): That was a wonderful idea
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i loved that mail, teresa!
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): an example of how inspiring these events can be
Moderator (Session Leader): tks, bob    
catherine boissier [france]: been chatting with JA on speakpipe this morning
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowowowo... bravo cat and JA
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Yes  Catherine it was a nice conversation
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: One of the questions here in São Paulo (at least - pls Brazilian mates, give your opinion) is the price of online classes being lower than F2F
catherine boissier [france]: just a start!
Moderator (Session Leader): i agree with his comment, but we do need some live/synch engagement to bind people
catherine boissier [france]: got to go and teach! smiles to you all
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @flavia... good question
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Bye, Catherine. All the best.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bye cat
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I think sync and async are complementary
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Bye Catherine   
catherine boissier [france]: thanks Michael - great as usual
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): one should not exclude the other
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Bye Cat!
Moderator (Session Leader): bye cat    
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Bye Cat
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: More confidence (in Synch)
Moderator (Session Leader): absolutely!
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Yes, In Acynch mode we have more time to think on our own.
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Everything is very fast in Synch
Moderator (Session Leader): flavia should have used TI on sundays, michael. that was speed!!!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): hahahahaa   
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: what is it?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hello flavia, good moring! glad you made it!   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): It is a chatting platform Flavia
Moderator (Session Leader): a MUVE environment where the text scrolled down at an amazing speed, flavia
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): TappedIn
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Tks, moderators. Teresa?
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]: Thank you very much, Michael. I have to leave now to give an exam.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i was in Ayat's class 15 days ago!!! and it was awesome   
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Tks, @Bob. Copying all the links you post.   
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: What considerations should be made when using these tools with young learners?
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Hi!, kind of late, sorry,  busy mom
Moderator (Session Leader): yes, flavia
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: Good bye Svetlana
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Thanks Michael
Moderator (Session Leader): that was a great idea of buth
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Bye Svetlana   
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Bye Svetlana
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): By Svetlana
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Bye, Svetlana!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Bye Svetlana   
Moderator (Session Leader): bye svetlana!
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Bye, Svetlana.
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Very simple things are sometimes the best
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: agree JA
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I love twittr
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): It is good for sharing information
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: I haven´t used twitter yet. Have to try it   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i follow your posts in Facebook! :
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I use it for curating the web
Moderator (Session Leader): i go for weeks without visiting twitter. same here, michael. but it's a great tool
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Twitter chats are also wonderful !!
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: are we going to ave a tweetmeet again
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Michael, I try to be selective in relation to people I follow on twitter
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yea, Sneza. why not ?
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Great!
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): That is true Ayat, twitter chats are useful
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: I use Twitter with other teachers to post links on ELT articles or blogs.
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I still am careful with FB...I watch too many tv shows...u know
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: marisa constantinis is great with the discusssion
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes, Faith
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Twitt er is somthing I haven't been in... I really tried, but I don't really see its advantages so  much in teaching.
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Thanks Maria
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): We will explore it more in week 3, Flavia !!
Moderator (Session Leader): twitter has many facets
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: I have twitter but really don't use it yet.
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Me neither Karen
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: Same here Karen
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]:   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: agree with you karen
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: If you follow right people, you get a lot of useful information on Twitter
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: agree with Karen
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: useful links, too
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Ur right Sanja
Moderator (Session Leader): twitter is great for PD, info on EFL/ESL, technology...
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yeah, Sanja   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I think twitter is more valuable when you connect it and integrates it with other tools such as Flipboard, paper.li
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Agree, Sanja
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: It's hard to keep up with so much information coming in on so many online tools
Moderator (Session Leader): welcome, maizie
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: You are right, Karen
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: I can't believe I got the times mixed up!
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I agree Karen
Moderator (Session Leader): it's great that you did, michael    
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowoowowwo... lovely recipe
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): It's ok, Maizie. It sometimes happen. You can listen to the recording when it's ready !!
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: and what an illustration   
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: awesome
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): That is true Michael
suhel ahmed [jeddah]: thats reallyuseful thanks
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: This recipe is fascinating!
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Technology can be liberating
Moderator (Session Leader): a surprise!!!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowowow... lovely pics
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): http://webheadstheme.wikispaces.com/
Moderator (Session Leader): how sweet of you with these lovely photos!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: great
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowowowo... vance, rita and carla
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: Awesome.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: teresa!! wowowowowowow
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): I see Carla Arena, my colleague from school
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): A surprise !!!!!!!!! wowowow !!!   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): And Teresa
Moderator (Session Leader): the Webheads theme song written and sung by Michael Coghlan!!!    
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: the from ELO?
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): That's live !!! Wowowow !!! Michael is rocking !!   
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: fantastic
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Great, Michael. Tks for the wonderful session!!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowowowowowowowowowowowowowoowwo
suhel ahmed [jeddah]: cool song
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Wow, thumbs up!!!!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Webheads rock !!!!!!!!!
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]:   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): That is our theme " Webheads all over the world"
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]:   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Great song!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov]: Thank you, great song
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: tears coming down... too emotional
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: All the best to all of you!
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): We rock
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Beautiful
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: ´I´m clapping all along
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: great
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Lovelyyyyyyyyy
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: Great song, great singing Michael, thumbs up...
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Very nice
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Great!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bravo michael   
Moderator (Session Leader): how's that for "a grand finale" to michael's session?!    
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Michael, thank you for a wonderful presentation   , Teresa, thank you for your being thre for us any time we need you   
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Are you the composer, Michael?
suhel ahmed [jeddah]: pleasant surprise
Moderator (Session Leader): yes, flavia
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @flavia... yes, he is
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): WONDERFUL FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Great!
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: bravo
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Encore!!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bravooooooooooo
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: BRAVO!!!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): clap, clap, clap
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Wonderful
Me: clap.clap
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: It sounded great!
Moderator (Session Leader): thank you, michael, my dear friend!
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): great
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Bravo
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: Great Michaela
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Thank you!
suhel ahmed [jeddah]: sounded greattttt
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: Wonderful.
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Thanks a lot michael
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Really lots of food for thought!!
Bob []: Thank you Michael and everybody for another wonderful meeting. Now back to reality   
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Thank you very much!
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: It was very interesting and useful.
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Thank you very much It was awesome
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Thank you Michael
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: It was great fun, too.
Fiona MacMartin [Korea]: thank you so much! great song
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: thanks Michael
Flavia Uhlmann [Brazil]: Bye BAWmates! See you aroung.
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: Thank you so much Michael   , it was a wonderful presentation.
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Thanks, Michael!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov]: Thank you, Michael
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Carla Arena, my boss
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Bye Flavia
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Lucky you, JA   
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Thanks Sanja
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Carla is a great person.
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: My boss is OK but Carla is great!
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Goodbye to everyone
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Great presentation, Michael! Thank you!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Thnak you
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): Yes, she is fantastic
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Bye everyone!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Bye
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Bye
Bob []: JA wants a pay rise   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Thank you soooo much, Michael. It was really great !!   
Pavla Svitkova [Czech Republic]: Bye everyone, thank you   .
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov]: Bye
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Bye and thank you all for the hard work
Me: thanks, Mike!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: bye
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: thanks Michael
Moderator (Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil] #2): bye
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: bye
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle WA]: Bye everyone.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Bye everyone !! See you online !!  
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: ate logo
suhel ahmed [jeddah]: byebye everyone
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Bye Teresa! Bye everybody!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bye
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): phew!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: LOL michael
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: enjoy your might
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): Thank you!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes, it was really great !!
Moderator (Michael Coghlan [Adelaide, Australia]): OK
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: the comments will be awesome
suhel ahmed [jeddah]: is it possible to get these slides somehow
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: as i say to ayat... yala yala to bed, michael   
Me: bye!
Moderator (Session Leader): bye michael
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes, See you, bye
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: LOL   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): hahahaha, yeah !!   
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): looool
Me: lol
Faith Fishley [Kuching, Malaysia]: Bye.
Moderator (Session Leader): bye everyone!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bye bye
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: see you around   








Curious that Michael referred Eyejot that we talked about in yesterday's live session.  :-)








Two great examples of Webheads' get-togethers, always memorable occasions.




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