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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 7 years, 8 months ago






" Personal Learning Networks"

Monday, Jan. 28,  20:00 - 21:00 GMT - week 3





Guest speaker: Graham Stanley (Spain)

Session mods: Ayat Tawel (Egypt), Marijana Smolcec (Croatia) and Svetlana Obenausova (Czech Republic)

Other mods present: Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal), Helen Davies (France), Jose Antonio da Silva (JA) (Brazil), Maria Bossa (Argentina), Sharon Betts (USA) and Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)

Aniko Alamsi (Hungary; guest), Benjamin Stewart (Mexico; guest), Catherine Boissier (France), Catherine Flahaut (France), Cholpon Musaeva (India), Crystal Rose (USA), Dicle Erbay (Turkey), Fabiana Casella (Argentina), Flávia Uhlmann (Brazil), Irina Kuznetsova (Russia), Joel Josephson (England; guest),Karen Frazier Tsai (USA), Katerina Apostolaki (Greece; guest), Maria Ossei (France), Maria Rita Pepe (Italy), Marie-Hélène Fasquel (France), Marija Huzjak-Saban (Croatia), Marisa Constantinides (Greece; guest), Nora Brussolo (Argentina), Ozlem Zengin (Turkey), Paul Braddock (Spain; guest), Peggy George (USA), Sanja Bozinovic (Croatia), Sharon Noseley (Greece; guest), Sneza Filipovic (Serbia), Suhel Ahmed (Saudi Arabia), Tanya Borisova (Bulgaria: guest), Tatiana Kharlamova (Russia), Victor Hugo Rojas (Peru; guest) and Vladimir Mitic (Serbia)


There were 21 members, 10 mods, 9 guest participants and 1 guest speaker, a total of 41 participants from 22 countries. Fantastic!!!




You can listen to the recording here. There is a silence soon after Graham finished his talk as "Marijana's mic" didn't work for a moment. Sorry about that!









Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): yes but I don't have sounbd
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): let me check settings
Moderator (Session Leader): I have just checked them myself
Moderator (Session Leader): all great, I am using Google Chrome
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Moderator (Session Leader): :)
Moderator (Session Leader): super
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): hello, I can hear you
Moderator (Session Leader): lol Svetlana
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Hello Fernanda
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Now it is alright
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): No echo
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): I do not need it
Moderator (Session Leader): Hello Joel, nice to see you here!
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Moderator (Session Leader): all great now
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Joel Josephson [London]: yes
Moderator (Session Leader): Hello Ayat
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Thanksssssssssss
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Hello Ayat.
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Congratulations.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hello from Argentina
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Graham
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: hello everyone, hello Graham
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hello Graham :)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Svetlana, thank you dear !! :)
Adrijana Roždijevac [Croatia ]: Hello, everyone! Greetings from Croatia! ;)
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Hi Maria, how was Egypt?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Graham... fine, thanks! Hope we can see each other again soon!
teresadeca [(portugal)]: hello everybody!
Moderator (Session Leader): Tools>Audio>Audiosetup wizard
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Teresa :)
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): yes, me too...I had to turn down a trip to Argentina in February though :-(
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): hahahaha, love you )
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): :)
Adrijana Roždijevac [Croatia ]: I'm here for the first time... will there be video?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Graham.. greatttttt!! hope to see you, I'll be at the British Council Roadshow this year in Cordoba
Adrijana Roždijevac [Croatia ]: Ok, thanks! Give me couple of minutes to fix the mic! ;)
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yesssss
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes
Moderator (Session Leader): we hear you perfect
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Hi Teresa...great to hear you again
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: yes
Joel Josephson [London]: Thx
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: thanks
teresadeca [(portugal)]: :-)
Adrijana Roždijevac [Croatia ]: I'm very sorry but I have to go.. unexpected guests! So sorry! :(
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yessssssssssssssssssssss ayat pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
teresadeca [(portugal)]: let's start formally at 20:00, marijana
Moderator (Session Leader): no problem Adrijana, listen to recording later
Adrijana Roždijevac [Croatia ]: Have fun, everyone! Bye! ;)
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
teresadeca [(portugal)]: yes
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: yes, Ayat
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Bye Adrijana
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: the whole world can listen to youuuuuuu
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Hello!!!!!
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Nice to hear you, Ayat
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): hahahahaha
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: lol
teresadeca [(portugal)]: webheads are very quicl learners  :-)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): hahahahahaha :)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yeap teresa... i learned quite fast
teresadeca [(portugal)]: joel, no mic?
Joel Josephson [London]: Yes I have a mike
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: but i would never learn how to dirve in cairo!!!
teresadeca [(portugal)]: how about a few words?!  :-)
Joel Josephson [London]: Crumbs
Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Joel, yes
teresadeca [(portugal)]: yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: yes
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yess
Moderator (Session Leader): 345
teresadeca [(portugal)]: yes joel
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: 678
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: jajaja
Moderator (Session Leader): :) LOL
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Hi Joel...we can hear your lovely dulcet tones :-)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes, i saw it, too :)
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): music to the ears :-)
Moderator (Session Leader): BAW2013 :)
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): welcome
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes, we are all at aplanet too, it seems :)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: thank you Joel :)
Joel Josephson [London]: Congratulations
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: sure, we are, ayat :
Moderator (Session Leader): yes, yes
Moderator (Session Leader): I love to do that
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico]: Hello all!
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Hi everyone!
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico]: Calling from Aguascalientes, Mexico!
Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Sanja
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Welcome Mexico! :)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Sanja :)
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Hi Maria!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: nice to see you here sanja
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowowowowow... Hello Karen! :)
teresadeca [(portugal)]: http://baw2013.pbworks.com/w/page/62008026/10YearsOfBaW
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: HI!
Moderator (Session Leader): Hello Karen
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hello
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: @Marijana: This year we have three people from Croatia, the group is getting bigger :)
Moderator (Session Leader): I know Sanja
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Karen :)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hiiiiiiiiiii JA!!!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: That is fantastic!!
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico]: 3000 participants, that's great!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Ozlem
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): What a fantastic achievement
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi dear JA :)
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico]: Hello! :)
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Hu ;;ayat[
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Ozlem :)
Marie-Hélène Fasquel [France]: Hello !!!!:) Glad to be among you !:)
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Hi Ayat :)
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Congrats Ayat
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Hi to everyone
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Thanksss Jose !! :)
Marie-Hélène Fasquel [France]: Sorry I don't have any mike right now (mine is not working...)
teresadeca [(portugal)]: hi JA!  :-)
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Hi Teresa and Maria
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Hello Marijana
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Tatiana
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi minino binito!! :D
catherine boissier [france]: Hi all
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Cat :)
Tatiana Kharlamova [Russia]: Hi everyone. I am glad to be here again
catherine boissier [france]: Bonjour!
Joel Josephson [London] to Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]: How are you doing Graham?
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Maria menina bonita
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): or write your questions here in the chat and we will adress them at the end :)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @JA... LOL :D
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico]: You can also applause! :)
Jose Antonio (JA) []: @ Maria, I am waiting for my bife de chorio
Jose Antonio (JA) []: chorizo
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @marijana... everytime I want to write, the hand starts showing I'm sorry for that
catherine boissier [france]: @fernanda - it worked!!! Thnx
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @JA... LOL our bife de chorizo is waiting for you!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Tools > audio > audio set up wizard (to check your mic and speakers )
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Great
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Catherine :)
teresadeca [(portugal)]: unfortunately, i don't have a flickr set with graham. only in an external disc which isn't handy  :-(
teresadeca [(portugal)]: 2 mins, marijana
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): I have one, Teresa  :)
Moderator (Session Leader): ok
Moderator (Session Leader): 2mins
catherine boissier [france]: teresa, I did it!
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: Great, Cat! I knew you wouldn't give up!
Moderator (Session Leader): Tools>Audio>Audio Setup wizard
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi everyone
teresadeca [(portugal)]: wow cat!!!! kudos  :-)
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi, Cholpon!
Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Choplon
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Cholpon :)
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Marijana
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hiiiiiii Cholpon :)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Sneza :)
teresadeca [(portugal)]: welcome sneza and cholpon!
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: I have been awake n have been waiting for the session
Moderator (Session Leader): what's the time tehre?
teresadeca [(portugal)]: you can start, marijana
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): oh, dear !! we really appreciate it !!
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): I hope you can stay awake during my presentation, Cholpon :-)
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: 1-30 am
Marie-Hélène Fasquel [France]: yes :)
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Hello Teresa and Ayat!
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Hello everybody!
catherine boissier [france]: hi there
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Victor Hugo!! Its such a pleasure to have you here!!!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): It's an honur
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hola Peru!! :D
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Hi Cat!
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): yes, 2005
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): :-)
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Welcom Graham
Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Cat, Sneza, Victor :)
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): thanks, Jose Antonio
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): I have a photo, lucky me :)
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): It was just after I'd become a Webhead :-)
Joel Josephson [London]: Link to Graham image:
Joel Josephson [London]: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151145061422791&set=a.421566962790.207468.538357790&type=1&theater
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Hi everyone! Really looking forward to hearing from Graham!
Moderator (Session Leader): Hello Sharon, Sara, Peggy, Tatiana
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Hi!
Victor Hugo Rojas [Lima]: Hi everybody
Tatiana Kharlamova [Russia]: Hi
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: So exciting to be celebrating the 10th Anniversary! :-)
teresadeca [(portugal)]: :-)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hiiiiiiiiii Peru! Welcome aboad, Victor :)
teresadeca [(portugal)]: wow!!!  :-)
teresadeca [(portugal)]: thank you, graham  :-)
teresadeca [(portugal)]: very sweet, graham
Jose Antonio (JA) []: It is a pleasure for us also to have you here
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Marisa, Hi Sharon :)
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Hi everyone (especially Maria)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: LOL Sharon :)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: im in charge of saying hello! LOL :D
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: http://aplanet-project.eu
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Hello Sharon
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: Hello, everyone!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Flavia :)
Moderator (Session Leader): thx Peggy
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: http://aplanet-project.eu
teresadeca [(portugal)]: hello to everyone i didn't have the chance to greet! welcome  :-)
Joel Josephson [London]: http://www.aplanet-project.eu/
Joel Josephson [London]: aPLaNet community http://aplanet-project.org
Moderator (Session Leader): Welcome Vladimir
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: can read the slide ok :-)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Share ideas
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Hi Vladimir!
Moderator (Session Leader): sharing ideas
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: Thanks, Nice to hear you :)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): collaborate
teresadeca [(portugal)]: sharing knowledge and ideas
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: to develop personally and professionally
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: because using the internet to network is the big trend now
Maria Rita [Italy]: learn from each other's experiences
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico]: Because when we share we actually are teaching.  When we teach we learn.
Joel Josephson [London]: Put together projects like aPLaNet
Jose Antonio (JA) []: To connect with other professionals
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: Hello everybody
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: collaboration
Marie-Hélène Fasquel [France]: to share about teaching methods and feeling less lonely when you have questions
Tatiana Kharlamova [Russia]: to learn something new
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: to share experiences
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Sharing, sharing sharing
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: To be up-to-date
catherine boissier [france]: learning
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: to collaborate with other educators who share my passion for technology in educadtion
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: sharing ideas
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: professional development
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: hello all from Athens...reflection/sharing ideas/as mo classroom here in greece
Jose Antonio (JA) []: To enhance our carrers
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: share, learn, collaborate
Marie-Hélène Fasquel [France]: definitely PD
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: having fun, too :)
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): start school projects
catherine boissier [france]: keeping up with the students
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico]: Sharing leads to teaching leads to learning
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: learning together n from each other
Moderator (Session Leader): good one Catherine
Tatiana Kharlamova [Russia]: involve students into joint projects
Moderator (Session Leader): Wonderful Tatiana, yes for sure
teresadeca [(portugal)]: :-)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Maria and Ayat :)
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico]: Having a support system 24/7
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): BAW team
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I would have to say yes to "all of the above" on the slide! so many great reasons to connect with other educators in a PLN!
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: Find friends who share your passion....don't bore your other friends!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hello Nora from Argentina :)
Jose Antonio (JA) []: It is social
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico]: System question: Why does the text not wrap around?  I'm having to scroll over to the right  to see all of the text chat.
Nora Brussolo [Argentina]: @Maria hi! made it at last
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Nora... yeap
Moderator (Session Leader): Hi NOra, welcome
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: I just read your mail, i will reply it later
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Moodle
teresadeca [(portugal)]: mine wraps, stewart, but i've also had that problem
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Moodle
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: it may be due to the size of your monitor
Nora Brussolo [Argentina]: thanks
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Moodle
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): @Benjamin - it wraps in my viewer
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I agree Benjamin! Frustrating! I have changed to the Tall layout and stretched out my chat window
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico]: I'll sign out and come back to see if that works.
teresadeca [(portugal)]: stewart, you can increase the chat window to the right, drag it. not very nice, but...
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Yes, Moodle works very well for courses.
Tatiana Kharlamova [Russia]: It is very helpful
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Moodle is good, but it is closed and finite
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: very nice conceptual graphic
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: very clear explanation about difference between PLE and PLN. Many people use them interchangeably.
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Love Twitter
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Moodle, Twitter, & Google+ :)
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: Do you think a Wiki works better than Moodle,@JA
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I agree, Peggy.
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: I use wikis in Moodle.
Jose Antonio (JA) []: @ Benjamin, I love twitter, too @joseantoniook
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Moodle 2.3
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: For me, it's all PLNs :)
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Wow, can you be in all of them:
Jose Antonio (JA) []: ?
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: This is so true!! It's hard to know which tools are good to use.
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: Absolutely..too many to get your head around!
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: @Flávia - Moodle will grade quizes and allow you to have more of an online classroom situation.
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: It's more about relationships and less about the tools, IMHO.
catherine boissier [france]: wow! just the slide is amazing
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Cool slide.
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pipeapple/3280609082 Awesome graphic!
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: AtSharon. Thanks
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I agree, Catherine! That slide is unbelieable!
Jose Antonio (JA) []: No one can spread him/herself that thin
Jose Antonio (JA) []: What are you doing?
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Twitter is great for asking one's PLN questions.
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Yes, 5 years ago
Moderator (Session Leader): yes Benjamin I agree
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Connections are the Key to both Twitter and Facebook.
teresadeca [(portugal)]: benjamin, sorry i called you by your surname
Moderator (Session Leader): Staff room - love that idea
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: I started using for #ELTchat and tend to only use it for that pupose..as it becomes addictive!
Jose Antonio (JA) []: To me, twitter was the end of those boring ppt that people shared
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I still haven't learned how to really use twitter in a useful way.
catherine boissier [france]: have yet to enjoy it yet
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: @Karen]Me either
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: we are 2, Karen :)
Jose Antonio (JA) []: In twitter, you can share interesting resources
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Great website for managing Twitter followers: http://manageflitter.com/unfollow
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: I would like to create a twitter account
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: @bnleez
Jose Antonio (JA) []: @joseantoniook
Moderator (Session Leader): @mscro1
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: @bsanja
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: www.twitter.com/flaviauhlmann
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): @grahamstanley
Paul Braddock [Barcelona] 1: @bcnpaul1
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @mariabossa
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: @kfraztsai
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: @Marisa_C
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): @ayatawel
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: @ZlemZn
Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Marisa - so gr8 you are here
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Me, too. I like to be open
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Oh, Marisa !! Hellooo !!:)
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Agree
Moderator (Session Leader): Noone wants eggpeople
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: I am sharonbetts pretty much everywhere -
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: @mfr
Jose Antonio (JA) []: With no pics and weird username
Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Helen
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: ohhhhhh... welcome Helen :D
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: @pgeorge
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Will transcripts of today's chat be made available?
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Me, too. I love follwoing educators
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Helen !! miss you :)
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I am very picky with whom I follow on twitter
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: what are eggheads exactly??
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Ben - the transcript and recording will be posted in the wiki
helen davies [France]: Hi Ayat and everyone - sorry to be late !
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Ha, ha
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: pics and brief profile are really important! if I can't find out who you are or if you keep your account private I won't follow you.
catherine boissier [france]: but do you spend all day on twitter?
Victor Hugo Rojas [Lima]: @victorhugor
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I don't read everything either.
teresadeca [(portugal)]: @teresadeca
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): It's very important to write a good bio for your twitter account to have the right followers !!
dicle erbay [Ankara]: @dicodic
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I also follow people who things other than teaching stuff
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: catherine - you certainly can spend a lot of time on any of these.  I also spend very little time there anymore.
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: eggheads are people who use the generic twitter icon and don't add own avatar or image
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: thanks @Sharon.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): That was Helen's advice to me when I first created a twitter account :)
Marie-Hélène Fasquel [France] to helen davies [France]: Hi Helen !!!! Glad to see you !!!!! I've been away in Italy for 3 weeks (3 crazy weeks & now it's still crazy but I'm trying to catch up !!!!) bu=ig hugs :)
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: Good point.I think twitter could become addictive..should think of it as a helpline like Graham says..
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: it can be as addictive as facebook
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: I think newbies would really appreciate a TweetMeet ;)
Moderator (Session Leader): We will have them Sneza :)
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: hya :-)
Joel Josephson [London]: #lrfa
catherine boissier [france]: tried last year but haven't used since
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: http://www.hashtags.org/
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: I once posted a tweet inviting a friend to dinner at a conference and over 100 people showed up. LOL - it was fabulous!
Victor Hugo Rojas [Lima]: @PETsNet
Moderator (Session Leader): Thx Benjamin
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): #eltchat
Joel Josephson [London]: Hi Marissa
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: http://eltchat.org/
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I remember that tweet @Sharon :-)
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: #tesol
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Sharon... that's too funny, hopefully you didnt have to cook! :D
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Were you there, Peggy?  It was so much fun.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): #edchat
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): #elemchat
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: yes I was there :-)
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Maria - it was at a restaurant.
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: # is my eltchat is my life line and you can lurk at the begining..just hang around and join in when you're ready!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: that's good to hear Sharon
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: http://eltchat.org/wordpress/ pls check out our blog and our summaries page
Moderator (Session Leader): Thanks Marisa
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Great Marisa
teresadeca [(portugal)]: kudos you you, marisa! and welcome  :-)
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Great tool: Tweetdeck
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: I have tried a lot of clients - and Tweetdeck is my favorite
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: http://www.tweetdeck.com/
Tanya Borisova [Bulgaria]: Hello, to all of you
Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Tanya
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Oh you are fast Benjamin - beat me to the link.
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: :)
helen davies [France]: @Marie-Hélène F hi !!
Moderator (Session Leader): thx Benjamin, too fast
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hello Fabiana!!! Mate time at BaW!!! Welcome :)
Moderator (Session Leader): I am tweeting at the moment :)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: we know that, Moderator! :D
catherine boissier [france]: not surprising, Marijana
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Cybraryman has a fantastic list of educational hashtags :-) http://www.cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Such a good multi-tasker! :-)
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I couldn't begin to manage Twitter without using Tweetdeck!
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Any mobile users out there? Just curious.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Karen... our Moderator is a super woman :D
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I know! :-)
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I am Benjamin :-)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Tweetchats are amazing forprofessional development !!
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Great @Peggy
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: agree with you ayat :
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I used to use twitdec, but then for some reason I got involved in other aggregators and stopped using it
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: a Hashtag is a keyword -  #baw2013  which tags a tweet and allows you to sort or search on it
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I've got to try it. It's just hard to keep up for me.
Moderator (Session Leader): just RT our Helen
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: my mobile devices are iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and MacBookPro :-) Love them all for different reasons.
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: RT - retweet
catherine boissier [france]: I agree, Karen
Victor Hugo Rojas [Lima]: Thanks to Twitter I have lot of inspiring colleagues worldwide.
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: Think tweetchats are better tha tweetdeck....a lot of problems with tweetdeck lately..the global classroom makes it worth the effoort..x
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I like the sharing spirit of twitter
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I want to do all this, but am really trying to figure out how to manage all of them.
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I recently learned that if you change something you retweet you should change the R to MT (modified retweet). I hadn't known about that.
Moderator (Session Leader): Week 3 is also learning about twitter
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Karen - you just have to take baby steps - make a twitter account and follow 20-30 educators.  Check in every couple of days to see how it works.
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Didn't know that @Peggy, thanks for that!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: That pairing is such a great idea!
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: Which is still very much alive in our Ning
helen davies [France]: Interesting Peggy - didn't know that - I often have to change them to fit in the number of characters
catherine boissier [france]: love your slides, Graham
Moderator (Session Leader): God point Graha, thx for mentioning that
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: I'll be like that if birds follow me that way!! :(
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Spam is a problem from time to time
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tsevis/3486977626 Love that twitter image! bird with all of the twitter images
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: That's what I'm trying to do know, Sharon. I feel so much more confident this year than last. :-)
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: If you are really trying to build a world-wide network, you need to make your sites public.
Moderator (Session Leader): LOL Maria
Moderator (Session Leader): right Sharon :)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: sure sharon
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Exactly, Karen - when it becomes overwhelming, you just step back.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): A scary photo indeed
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: Mine as well
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: @helen I did that all the time just to be able to retweet & fit in 140 characters. Makes sense :-)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): lool
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: nice pic :)
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: funny picture!
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Twitter is  the " no strings attached " kind of thing
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I like it
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Curious, are images CC-BY or CC-BY-NC?
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Ha ha! I like that, Jose! :-)
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: spam can creep in and it's very frustrating but you can block them and report them as spammers
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: REally, Peggy?
Jose Antonio (JA) []: @ Karen, yes it is a good way to put it
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Spam is so frustrating for me just in emails!
Victor Hugo Rojas [Lima]: Think you follow those have the same professional interests you have.
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: there were a bunch of spammers at the Educon conference this past weekend and they even started a new hashtag because of them.
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: I think that sums up the PLN...connecting with like minded people!
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: lol yes
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: we played musice to each other
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Victor, nice to see you here :)
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Are tweets CC-BY?
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: I have noticed quite a few things moving toward facebook - but wonder how long that will last.
Marie-Hélène Fasquel [France]: an interesting article : http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/finding_common_ground/2011/12 how_twitter_is_changing_professional_development_for_educators.html?cmp=SOC-SHR-TW
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: you can easily delete spam messages but never click on their links!
Joel Josephson [London]: Nighshift: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nightshift.elt/
Moderator (Session Leader): Thank you all for sharing interesting links, the chat will be saved for later use
Victor Hugo Rojas [Lima]: Same to me @Ayat
helen davies [France]: love this picture!
Moderator (Session Leader): Follow friday
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I use paper.li for my twitter
Aniko Almasi [Budapest]: retweet
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: really good advice! don't become obsessed with it--whether twitter or facebook or any other social media
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: direct message
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): direct message (DM)
helen davies [France]: Hi Victor nice to see you here!
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I also read my flipboard app to read twitter feeds
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): RT, retweet
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: me too @Jose!! I love the Flipboard app on my iPad--very easy to read and follow
Victor Hugo Rojas [Lima]: Hi Helen
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Yes, Peggy, that is a nice way of reading the twitter paper
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Is retweet forwarding?
Moderator (Session Leader): yes Cholpon
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I check flipboard at least three times a day
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: @Marie thanks for that link--very interesting article!
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thanks
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Cholpon - it is sending a message you read to all the people that are following you.
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: retweet is repeating the message- yes- forward it!
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Backchanneling works well in the classroom.
Katerina Apostolaki [Athens, Greece]: If it is not a chat, are you not supposed to address people? I mean we get that it is a tool, but hat is the purpose for using it?
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: retweeting someone's tweet is a way to show you agree with it and want to share it with more people
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Katerina - getting new ideas, new links, having your questions answered.  and you can have a discussion thing the # -

Jose Antonio (JA) []: Celebrities have had some problems because of twits, so have politicians
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Instant feedback
Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Someone at my door - hope to make it back.
Moderator (Session Leader): ok Sharon
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: :)
Katerina Apostolaki [Athens, Greece]: Thank you, Sharon.
Moderator (Session Leader): yes, some of my studnets do it
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: Kinda nowadays pen pals..
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this oneeeeee, facebook! :D
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: very much so
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I do, too, Maria!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yeap, Marisa :D
Moderator (Session Leader): green tic or X red
Joel Josephson [London]: Yes
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: Yes
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: very much.
Moderator (Session Leader): more yeses
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I find it interesting
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: More with Google+ than fb
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes
Joel Josephson [London]: I started a group there just for that
Jose Antonio (JA) []: But it is sometimes nonsense
catherine boissier [france]: colleagues or students?
Moderator (Session Leader): I connect with students via Secret groups
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: everything i do, i do it in facebook :D
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: both @Cat
Katerina Apostolaki [Athens, Greece]: How do we answer? Haha
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: It's a great place to share information about upcoming online seminars and great articles to read.
Aniko Almasi [Budapest]: it is a mixture of colleagues and friends, not easy to separate
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: to help me keep up w both twitter & facebook I post to Twitter and it automatically cross-posts to FB.
irina kuznetsova [Volgograd]: yes, both colleagues and students
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I connect to some classes.
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: fb groups is maybe the most useful part of it
Moderator (Session Leader): groups :)
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: I advertise my service to my friends
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: :)
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I have groups in Facebook
Nora Brussolo [Argentina]: with colleagues we use google+
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: i have different groups for every grade
Moderator (Session Leader): yes, that's excellent, no friends but all communication works great
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Facebook doesn't limit you to 140 characters :-) Important sometimes!
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: It's a fast way to spread the world around
Tanya Borisova [Bulgaria]: groups of students
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: I connect with colleagues, students, educators, find out about conferences, workshops, etc.
Moderator (Session Leader): Yes Peggy, no 140 characters
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: links to resources
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: I'm attending WVO2013 because of FB :)
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Don't forget Google+ :)
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: "EVO"
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: yes Benjamin!! Google + it can bring together many of the others :-)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): hahaha, Good one Flavia :)
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: some good chats happening on linkedin too.
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Edmodo
Maria Rita [Italy]: I prefer using Edmodo with my students
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Google+ contributes more to my PLN than fb.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Edmodo is just great
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Yes, I like Edmodo very much
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Is Edmodo free?
Victor Hugo Rojas [Lima]: I use all of them. I prefer Ning and FBK
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Yes, free
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: many teachers love Edmodo because they have more control over the privacy settings
Moderator (Session Leader): I started using Google + a lot myself
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yes, cholpon
Jose Antonio (JA) []: Yes, it is free
Jose Antonio (JA) []: I like it
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes cholpon
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: It does!, I am sorry I didn´t say Hello, i didn´t want to interrupt
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yes, exactly
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): I have tried both, and I prefer Edmodo
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: one of my ss told me she went to the USA and all the ss had Edmodo..wow! Wish we could do that i Greece..
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: Thank you!!
teresadeca [(portugal)]: wonderful, graham! as always  :-)
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you, Graham for a wonderful presentation
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: Tk you so much Graham
Joel Josephson [London]: aPLaNet community Ning: http://aplanet-project.org/
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Thanks a lot!
Katerina Apostolaki [Athens, Greece]: Yes, thank you!
Moderator (Session Leader): Bravo!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: This was great, Graham!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bravo graham :)
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thank you!
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Thnx Graham
Joel Josephson [London]: Thx Graham
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Graet !! clap, clap
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: so many great tools and ideas are being shared in #baw2013 for using multimedia and audio/video tools for language learning
teresadeca [(portugal)]: no audio. just a buzz
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Thank you Graham
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Thank you
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: thank you, Graham!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): We can't hear you, Marijana
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): No audio here
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: There's statics! oops
helen davies [France]: Can't hear :(
Moderator (Session Leader): Ayat
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Thank you, it was very clear!
Moderator (Session Leader): o god
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: try unplugging your mic @Marjana and plug it back in
Moderator (Session Leader): not good
Moderator (Session Leader): ayat
Moderator (Session Leader): svetlana
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: can you repeat the question?
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Hello ayat
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Ayat
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: this has been a fantastic session! Thank you Graham!!!
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: Lots to learn about Twitter this week. This'll be my task.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: like pinterest, scoopit
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: so many social networks for sharing! I love Diigo, Pinterest, Livebinders and Scoop.it for sharing resources
Moderator (Session Leader): NIce choice Peggy
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: :-)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: scoopit and meaki are the same?
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Do you have to join all of these to test them out?
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: there are advantages/disadvantages to all of them.
Crystal Rose [Minneapolis]: I love using Diigo. There are some great groups on there.
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yesssssss
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Yes
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: yes
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: yes
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Marijana yes
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: yes
Jose Antonio (JA) []: yes
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: woo hoo!! hearing you great!
Tanya Borisova [Bulgaria]: Thank you, Graham
Moderator (Session Leader): thank you all
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: loud and clear.
teresadeca [(portugal)]: yes, benjamin
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Great questions, Benjamin!
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: yes..where to start?
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): The point Graham is that Diigo for example has groups where you share all you favorite articles and you det daily feed from them. Pinterest also has the feature of follwers and being followed. That's why I see them a kind of social networks too
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: this is a great example of a Pinterest board by Scott McLeod of slides for Professional Development :-) http://pinterest.com/scottmcleod/slides/

Moderator (Session Leader): thank you Benjamin
teresadeca [(portugal)]: we met through blogging, graham
Crystal Rose [Minneapolis]: I have also just started developing my PLN, but I have found Twitter and Diigo infinitely helpful. However, I think I first started by subscribing to a couple blogs I found interesting and setting up an RSS feed (which has grown considerably since).
teresadeca [(portugal)]: basically, i think
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia] to Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Me too. I think that nobody can see our private chat, so we can switch to Serbian :).
teresadeca [(portugal)]: right, the webheads YG
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia] to Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: Umalo da posaljem poruku svima ;)
Moderator (Session Leader): Twitter - microblogging
teresadeca [(portugal)]: me neither. i mainly use wikis for workshops
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Great, thank you Graham for your answer.
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Yes.
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: my friend Laura Candler has created an awesome collection of Pinterest boards for teachers, especially elementary teachers http://pinterest.com/lauracandler/
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thank you, Graham. Your answer was very helpful to those of us trying to set up our own PLN!
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Of course
Moderator (Session Leader): TappedIn
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: If you all had to choose one tool, which contributes most to your PLN?
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): And then I used Second Life a lot, but it's not a tool I'd really recommend now
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes I remember  it
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: It's amazing that it's still going strong!
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I started like Crystal did. I started listening to educ. podcasts and then subscribed to RSS feeds of blogs and then started following people on Twitter/Facebook.
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: A Recent #ELTchat...new year's resolutions..getting more connected with our PLN was a number one point! http://eltchat.org/wordpress/summary/how-are-you-going-to-grow-this-year-eltchat-summary-09012013/
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: If I "had" to choose one I would choose twitter :-)
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): I learned a lot through those chats
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: @Benjamin  very hard to choose! value in all of them!
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Thxs @Peggy
Moderator (Session Leader): Facebook and twitter
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): lol all of these tools that I've forgotten about
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Messenger is going to be retired this year I think
Moderator (Session Leader): Really Graham?
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: It's interesting how some tools have come and gone.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: OMG... how come!!! text message will go to bed??
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: the tool is only as valuable as the people you can connect with. if they aren't using the tool you can't connect no matter how great the tool is.
teresadeca [(portugal)]: of course i like twitter a lot. it's great for PD
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: yes,@Ayat
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: You can use wikis in Moodle :)
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I love wikis because they are much more open
Moderator (Session Leader): yes Benjamin thank you for shering this
Marisa Constantinides [Athens - Greece ]: I love them too
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: you can embed all kinds of multimedia in wikis and collaborate with others easily.
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: I like wikis for the process of learning and less about the product.
Moderator (Session Leader): Moodle can have both Blog and wiki
teresadeca [(portugal)]: moodle is a bit dense. wikis are light and very collaborative
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Yes, @teresadeca
Moderator (Session Leader): I would agree with you Teresa
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I use both Moodle and wikis but prefer wikis. Schools may prefer Moodle or Edmodo because they are more secure and safe for students.
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: Wiki is like a on line library....but often cheaper....you can upload free books for keeps and vids etc!
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: Ye,@Graham. Tks for the explanation
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: sure
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: I love creative Commons
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I ONLY use creative commons or my own images.
Moderator (Session Leader): That is a good question?
teresadeca [(portugal)]: imho, a wiki is also a very user-friendly way of creating a website
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: Tks,@Teresa
Moderator (Session Leader): wikis are great
teresadeca [(portugal)]: back in 2002 webheads had to use html editors and ftp their files. it was a fabulous time, but so much easier today  :-)
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: this is a fantastic Flickr group for "great quotes about learning and change" and all images are creative commons. http://www.flickr.com/groups/858082@N25/pool/
Moderator (Session Leader): Thank you Peggy
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I agree @Teresa! wikis are great for creating websites :-)
teresadeca [(portugal)]: @peggy :-)
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: Creative commons search http://search.creativecommons.org/
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia] to Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Ali ne preko EVO-a, ili Coursera-e.
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Are those images available at a cost or are they free?
Benjamin Stewart [Aguascalientes, Mexico] #2: http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/
Moderator (Session Leader): Thank you for sharing wonderful and useful sites
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): http://www.eltpics.com
Moderator (Session Leader): yes, I posted several pics there mysellf
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Compfight is another great place to search for Flickr photos that are Creative Commons http://compfight.com/
Moderator (Session Leader): Some of my pics were used in other PLN's blogs :)
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Me too. It's a great group.
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): We will save the chat for you
teresadeca [(portugal)]: may i say sth before we finish, marijana?
Moderator (Session Leader): yes Teresa
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Teresa, go ahead
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: so many great resources! thank you all!!
teresadeca [(portugal)]: http://www.digibridge.net/teresadeca/webheads/meetings/teresa-graham.htm
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): fabulous!
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): No need.
Moderator (Session Leader): Ayat
Moderator (Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic]): Thank you, Graham.
catherine boissier [france]: at the restaurant again!
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Thank you, everyone
Maria Rita [Italy]: Thank you
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: Thank u so much Graham
Nora Brussolo [Argentina]: Thank you
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thank you again, Graham, and all our moderators!
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I would love to have the link to the slides :-) Thanks Graham!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Russia]: Thank you so much. I enjoyed the session a lot.
catherine boissier [france]: Thank you. It was great
Flávia [(SP, Brazil)]: Tk you, Graham and all dear mods, and participantes. See you around.
Marija [Croatia]: Thanks a lot!
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: Thank you, Graham
teresadeca [(portugal)]: svetlana and ayat, final words?
helen davies [France]: Thanks very much !
Maria OSSEI [Saint-Etienne]: Really enjoyed the session Graham, thanks
Tanya Borisova [Bulgaria]: thank you, Graham.our pleasure. :)
irina kuznetsova [Volgograd]: Thanks for inspiration!
Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: thanks to the participants to have joined this session
sharon noseley [athens Greece]: Good night all and many thanks xxxxxx
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Thank you so much, it was great!!!
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Thank you all very much!
teresadeca [(portugal)]: kudos to you, ayat!!!  :-)
Benjamin Stewart [Mexico]: Thanks for this!
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: wonderful point @Ayat!! if we leave with questions it was a great presentation :-)
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you, Graham, Marijana, Ayat, Svetlana, Maria, Teresa, Sharon and everyone. Bye.
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Thank you  everyone
catherine boissier [france]: well done all of you!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thanks to everyone for sharing so many good ideas! This was great!
Benjamin Stewart [Mexico]: Thanks to all of the organizers and thanks Graham!
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Thank you all! Bye!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Thank you , Graham. It was areal eye opener as usual !! :)
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: THANK YOU ALL!! FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND DEVOTION!!!
teresadeca [(portugal)]: you can stop after you finish speaking, marijana
Moderator (Session Leader): #baw2013
teresadeca [(portugal)]: and put everything in the PP wiki page  :-)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): #baw2013
catherine boissier [france]: bye
Maria Rita [Italy]: Thank you all. Bye!
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: BYE EVERYONE
Ozlem Zengin [Turkey]: good night everybody
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Bye
teresadeca [(portugal)]: marijana, after graham finishes you can stop the recording
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Bye!
teresadeca [(portugal)]: no, in the comments page
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Sure!!
Nora Brussolo [Argentina]: Bye everybody
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bye and stop the recording, marijana
Moderator (Graham Stanley [Barcelona (Spain)]): Bye everyone
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bye and see you in argentina graham :)
teresadeca [(portugal)]: bye everyone! great job, mods  :-)
Moderator: bye Teresa











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