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Page history last edited by Fernanda Rodrigues 10 years, 10 months ago






"Twitter and Blogger Demos"

Saturday, Feb. 2,  17:00 - 18:00 GMT - week 3




Guest Speakers: Ayat Tawel (Egypt), & Marijana Smolcec (Croatia)

Other mods present: Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal), Maria Bossa (Argentina) and Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)


Participants: Bob Clark (Poland), Catherine Flahaut (France), Cholpon Musaeva (India), Fabiana Casella (Argentina), Flavia Uhlmann (Brazil), Irina Kuznetsova (Russia), Ivana Brozovic (Croatia), Karen Frazier Tsai (USA), Lucy Yordanova (Abu Dhabi), Maizie Avihayil (Israel), Mariana Hernandez (Mexico), Sanja Bozinovic (Croatia), Sneza Filipovic (Serbia), Tatiana Kharlamova (Russia) and Vladimir Mitic (Serbia)



There were 15 members, 3 mods  2 guests speakers a total of 20 participants from 13 countries. Great!!!


You can listen to the recording here.

Sorry about a little distraction by a "mini Webhead" during Marijana's demo on Blogger.





Joined on 2 de Fevereiro de 2013 at 16:45
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: LOL :)
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahahaha, I was trying to remember what we studied at school concerning this !! loooooool :D
Bob []: I only just found the upload limit for YT. I thought it would be too big and tried to reduce size but result very poor.
Bob []: But appears that i can upload ok
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Ayat... i checked about T and TD... there are different versions according to what you use
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: I have an MP4 video which I am trying to reduce its size to upload it these days... hope it works soon
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i was at the service yesterday and we both check it at TD offcicial site
Me: hello everyone
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: I know I uploaded the new version and will show it today. The point is that I have the two versions on my PC
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Fernanda!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Fernanda :)
teresadeca [portugal]: hi fernanda!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowowow... gifted girl :)
teresadeca [portugal]: yes
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Marijana !!:)
teresadeca [portugal]: welcome marijana
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes, marijana :)
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: ohhhhhhhh, the problems were supposed to be here with me !!!! :D
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: can you remind me the twitter # please
Bob []: You're here that's the most important
teresadeca [portugal]: don't think abou that now, marijana
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: #Baw2013
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: is it with capital letters or not?
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Good, thankss
teresadeca [portugal]: who will record and save chat & partics list?
teresadeca [portugal]: mine works
Moderator (Session Leader 2): me
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Any of them works. you are already using them Maria !!
Moderator (Session Leader 2): hi
Moderator (Session Leader 2): yes
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yes
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yesssssss
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): ok
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes, i've just realized that :)
teresadeca [portugal]: can you give me mod priv so i can upload an image, pls?
Moderator (Session Leader 2): yes
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): sure
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): tks
Moderator (Session Leader 2): np
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): ok. you can remove my privs. tks
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Maizie :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): LOL
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: H? E???????!
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: ooops Hi Everyone!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hello
Bob []: hi Tatiana
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Tatiana :)
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi Bob
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Fabiana Casella was with me at WIZIQ
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi Ayat
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: hi tatiana, Bob
Moderator (Session Leader 2): I will
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi Maizie
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): You have mod priveleges now, Teresa :)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): I need 5 mins too
Moderator (Session Leader 2): ok ladies
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): I do have a twiiter account @ayatawel
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Marijana @mscro1
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): I use it in Twitter chats other than sharing articles and posts
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Hello Flavia
Bob []: I have account but don't feel I am getting the most from it, I mainly use it to post about things I find on the internet. Tend to get overwhelmed by the number of tweets I get. Definitely want to find out more
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Flavia :)
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Hello, dear ones.
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: I haven't used Twitter yet but I will try to do it.
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: I have to learn more about twitter, really.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Flavia :)
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Hi, Maria.
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi Flavia
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Tatiana :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): #Baw2013
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Hi, Tatiana.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): #Baw2013
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi Maria
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Anybody is familiar with Tweetdeck !!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yeap :)
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: There are lots of symbols #FF, #...etc. :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Yes :) but sometimes prefer Twitter online
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): You will learn them by practice, Flavia
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: great!
Moderator (Session Leader 2): #EdChat
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): #eltchat
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): #elemchat
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Thank you for sharing
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Of course inside the 140 characters, right
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Flavia... you can also join ELTchat in Facebook, as a group
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yes, that's the challenge :)
teresadeca [portugal] #2: back
Moderator (Session Leader 2): YOur - Ur
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Tks, Maria. I'll do it.
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Welcome, Teresa.
Moderator (Session Leader 2): ok
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/eltchat/
Moderator (Session Leader 2): When! LOL
Bob []: @Dziekie2
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): I am ready !!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yes, ok !!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Sneza !!
Bob []: Hi Sneza
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Sneza
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi Sneza
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Hi Ayat, hi everybody! Nice to see you!
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): it's 2 feb 2013
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Sneza ... same here
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Hi Mariana Hernandez
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Baw2011 :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Welcome ivana :)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): yess :)
Ivana Brozovic [Ogulin] 1: hi :)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bravo for my sister :)
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Hi, Ivana
Moderator (Session Leader 2): it's a pleasure
Ivana Brozovic [Ogulin] 1: hi everyone :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): wow,
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowowowow... the red sea!! :)
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: ready
Me: yes
Mariana Hernandez []: yes
Moderator (Session Leader 2): please use the scroll buttons left -right an dup down to see whole screen
Moderator (Session Leader 2): :)
Ivana Brozovic [Ogulin] 1: ok :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): You can make your Window larger by using your mouse
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: This is the first thing I did while listening
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Bravo Sneza :) You are a really Webhead now, tweeting and listening a Webinar
Moderator (Session Leader 2): at the same time
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Hello Karen
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: I`ll have to ask Ayat how she does it all!
Moderator (Session Leader 2): small steps Sneza!
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: HI! I'm sorry to be late. I just saw the message about this.
Moderator (Session Leader 2): good Karen, no worries,
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): what an honor, ayat!  :-)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): You cannot send DM to people who are not following YOU!
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): lol
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Ayat is great!
Moderator (Session Leader 2): not me!!.(
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: no doubt about it! you have to see her when she drives her car LOL :D
Moderator (Session Leader 2): You will tell me taht later Maria :)
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: sure i will:)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): vmscro1
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: mariabossa
Ivana Brozovic [Ogulin] 1: anavy7
Moderator (Session Leader 2): @mscro1
Me: mfr
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): @teresadeca
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Ivana you created Twitter, super
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: @SnezaFelt
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: @kfraztsai
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowoow... that's me in Cairo :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Maria Bossa is many lists :)
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: @flaviauhlmann
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: im even in ayat's soup! :D
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: ok
Moderator (Session Leader 2): you ahve private account
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: she has a locker in her accouunt
Moderator (Session Leader 2): yes, she approves followers
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: i dont know exactly what i did :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Will help later
Moderator (Session Leader 2): you will have to go to your settings
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: the screen has frozen for me
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): i just received ayat's direct message (DM) in my inbox
Moderator (Session Leader 2): You can install Tweetdeck PC, Mac, and for some browsers like GoogleChrome
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): ayat, is it necessary to download something for tweetdeck to be installed?
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: So you recommend Tweetdeck as a way to help you organize everything and to have easy access to various tweets. Does this make it easier to use twiiter then so that it's not so overwhelming?
Moderator (Session Leader 2): It's very simple but you first have to have a Twitter account
Bob []: Maizie - if still problem try to leave and come back - you can disconnect at the very bottom left icon
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: This is good news!
Moderator (Session Leader 2): yes, it is overwhelming, but you need to get use to it
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i ahve one
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes, please
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Do you use Twitter with your students?
Moderator (Session Leader 2): I do, but with some only who have twiiter accounts
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: I think its ok now maybe lag
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): ayat, how do we get tweetdeck?
Bob []: How do tweet meets work?
Bob []: http://www.tweetdeck.com/
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Yata, has different TweetDeck than I
Moderator (Session Leader 2): thx BOb for the link
Moderator (Session Leader 2): google it
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: @Teresa the red sea should be the REED sea it is NOT red!!!
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): lol maizie
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): tks for the feedback, maizie
Bob []: I have heard about other organisations using tweet meets to discuss things
Bob []: and wanted to know how it works
Moderator (Session Leader 2): ok, then, sorry Bob
Bob []: No probs
Moderator (Session Leader 2): yes
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: I don`t know how they work but they a lot of fun
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Hello Irina
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: How do you access Tweetdeck once installed
Irina Kuznetsova [Russia]: Hello everyone!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi Irina
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: It pops up immediately after you download it?
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Hi Irina
Ivana Brozovic [Ogulin] 1: Hi Irina :)
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: Hi Irina
Bob []: Hello Irina
Bob []: Thank you
Irina Kuznetsova [Russia]: Hello! sorry for joining late
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: It`s very popular with teenagers
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): I stopped Screenshare...so that it's ready for Marijana
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): hello, mariana hernandez! where in the world are you?
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Thank you
Bob []: Thank you Ayat
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: There is a literary competition using Twitter. The pint is to write the best stroy using 140 characters.
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: I have
Bob []: Blogger
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thank you, Ayat!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): You are welcome Bob !!:)
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: I do
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: I have blogger, and wordpress
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I haven't started a blog yet.
Ivana Brozovic [Ogulin] 1: I don't
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Thanks Karen, nice to see you here :)
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: blogger & wordpress & edublog
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: Blogger is private, wordpress is for students
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: blogger, i mean
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: blogger, posterous
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: I'm an addict
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: :)
Irina Kuznetsova [Russia]: I do, but it doesn't seem to be active
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): blogger, posterous, edublogs, wordpress
Bob []: Screen loaded
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: oh and posterous
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I hope to start soon. I feel I need to learn more!. I need to review BaW tutorials which are GREAT
Mariana Hernandez []: I'm from Mexico... sorry ... the messages go fasdt :)
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): no problem, marianaH. thank you and welcome  :-)
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: didn't know password is translated as "zaporka"
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): you aren't with baw13, are you?
Mariana Hernandez []: Yes I am... but I had problems at school so I haven't had the chance to join you till now
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): i see. great!  :-)
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): are you in our Yahoo Group?
Mariana Hernandez []: yes
Mariana Hernandez []: I need to catch up what you have done
Mariana Hernandez []: :(
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): tk you :-)
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: Blogger is much easier to navigate than wordpress
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: how do you embed
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @ayat, i sent you a tweet, can u please reply it? im testing the colum, thanks :)
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: @Marijana a video eg
Bob []: Hang on Lucy, I t hink she is covering that
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: how do you embed
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: ok
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): very nice, marijana!!!  :-)
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: How can you access and share a picture from your phone?
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): :-)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Done, Maria
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: That's 'cause Google has bought YouTube
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: :)
Bob []: If you post a link from youtube it is often not the first one found
Bob []: in ,y experience
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: Thanks MARIJANA I LOVE YOU
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): jibberish!!!  ;-)
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: YEEEEES
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): once again, you don't need to know html. you just need to copy the code and then paste it
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @ayat... thanks! it works :)
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: And what a lovely blog it is :). The session should have been called "How to make a glog in 5 minutes" :).
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: blog*
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes, right Vladimir !! :)
Me: :)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hellooo kidssssssss
Ivana Brozovic [Ogulin] 1: :D
Bob []: Hello Cholpon
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Cholpon! :)
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi everyone
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Sorry I'm late
Me: it's fast to create it, the problem is keeping it updated.
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi, Cholpon
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): welcome, cholpon!
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Hi Cholpon
Me: Hi, Cholpon
Ivana Brozovic [Ogulin] 1: Hi Cholpon
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hi Cholpon !! :)
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Hi, Cholpon
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: @Fernanda It is. And very time consuming.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Karen... wowow, I hadn't seen you! Sorry!! Hello :)
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: We`ll wait
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: That's OK
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: No problem. We understand :-)
Bob []: No problems we can wait
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Beautiful, it reminds me of my situation Marijana!!!!
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi, Maria!
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): this is important, marijana
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: I've always had problems with layouts
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): ayat, i think we have enough infor for one session. MHO...
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: So can we translate a blog into another language so we are able to read it?
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: no, coz you don't have the administrator's rights
Bob []: Karen - Either that or you can use chrome with translate extension. That will translate any page.
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Ok, thanks for that ifo, Lucy.
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thanks, Bob
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): top right
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thanks, Marjiana! Your demo was very helpful!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Any questions about Twitter or blogger !!
Mariana Hernandez []: yes
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Bravooo, Marijana :)
Mariana Hernandez []: It was helpful
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Thank you Marijana
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Thank you all, sorry for the disturbance
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Very helpful! Well done?
Moderator (Session Leader 2): :(
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: Bravo both of you Ayat and Marijana. Marijana give a kiss to the kids
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: done!
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Thanks Sneza
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Hi. Am I terribly late?
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: When I opened Blogger, it was much more difficult
Moderator (Session Leader 2): It changed since last year
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: and i haven't visited it since
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Problems with Posterous?
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: I"ve been using blogger for some years now.
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: I'm lazy
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Thankss everybody !!
Me: I'm afraid so, Sanja
Moderator (Session Leader 2): When did you open it?
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: 3 years ago
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: :(
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: That's wy I said I had problems with layouts
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Will we have recordings of the demos?
Moderator (Session Leader 2): yes
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: :)
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: It's about tweetdeck mechanics.
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Thanks Lucy, will send kiss to my kids
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: I've downloaded it already, but just don't know if it pop's up the moment we access our Twitter account
Bob []: Thank you, that makes sense now
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: oops - poops up
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): absolutely! keeping a blog
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: Tell me about it
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: I have only three posta, and they're pics
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Excellent!!! everything was perfectly clear!!!
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: :)
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: with just pics
Bob []: You can also use it as a kind of diary to reflect on courses that you are taking (EG BAW :) )
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes, Cholpon, recording will be ready soon and we will announce them in the yahoo group
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): absolutely, bob! sneza does that  :-)
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you
Bob []: Or Neuroscience Flavia!
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thank you for that information about blogs in different languages. :-)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): My blog http://englishlearning-marijanasblog.blogspot.com/
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes, Bob, exactly !!
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Excuse me, Bob?
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: @BobYou mentioned Neuroscience?
Bob []: I saw your Neuroscience blog from EVO it s really good
Mariana Hernandez []: Thanks for sharing Marijana's blog
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Oh, I'm learning how to work with PBworks...
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: But lots to learn.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Yes, tweet meets were great last year !!So, we will be extra practising them after Baw !! Don't forget we are here all the year round ! :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): #baw2013
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: me too @Flavia i also enjoyed it!
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): definitely, marijana  :-)
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Tks,Maizie.
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: ;)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): We are waiting for your tweets using #Baw2013 starting now !!
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Tks, Ayat. I'll do it soon.
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Thank you all for coming and for your supporting comments !!
Bob []: Thank you everyone for another excellent presentation. Lots learned.
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Thanks all!
Ivana Brozovic [Ogulin] 1: Thank you!! :)
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Thank you for your wonderful presentations!
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: Bye, everyone. Nice to have you here and hope to see you around the next weeks.
Mariana Hernandez []: Thanks...
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Thank you, Teresa. I guess everything is ok and we can stop recording after Marijana !!
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: Thanks, Marijana!
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thank you everyone! Another great and very helpful presentation! :-)
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): and they've been using our wiki
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: @Teresa and mods - I'll be kind of busy the next weeks, hope to catch up with the tasks.
Mariana Hernandez []: bye
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you very much :) and bye
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade Serbia]: bye, hugs!
Ivana Brozovic [Ogulin] 1: bye :)
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Take care, Marijana and get better! Bye everyone!
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Thank you so much for your hard work!!!!
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Hugs everybody! thank you and bye!
Flavia [São Paulo(Brazil)]: By to everyone. Tks, Ayat and Marjana.
catherine Flahaut [Briançon]: thanks for this very useful presentation
Maizie Avihayil [Israel]: Thanks to all the Moderators!
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Thank you all for coming! :)
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Bye evryone
karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thanks to all our moderators! Bye
Bob []: Bye everyone.
Moderator (Session Leader 2): bye all
Fabiana Casella [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: I will!!!! Thank you and have a great day , it is afternoon here in Buenos Aires Bye!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Waiting for your tweets #Baw2013 !! :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): super
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): ohhhhh, you are welcome !!! :)
Mariana Hernandez []: bye
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Bye
Moderator (Session Leader 2): bye
Moderator (teresadeca [portugal] #2): hevlm
Mariana Hernandez []: hevlm... yes
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Hugs from the beach !! :) A webhead's spirit !! I can't resist a webhead's meet no matter where I am !! :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): I eny you a bit
Moderator (Session Leader 2): thx Teresa
Mariana Hernandez []: thanks and sorry for the delay
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: Thank you
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bravo :)
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): hahahaha, good it worked for both of us, Marijana !! :)
Moderator (Session Leader 2): LOL :) Ayat
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: don't worry your kids are also part of our session
Me: thanks everyone for coming, and Thanks Ayat and Marijana for a great demo!
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Thank youuuuuuuu
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bye bye
Moderator (Ayat Tawel [Egypt]): Bye everyone !!
Moderator (Session Leader 2): Good night all!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: love you sis! :) bye


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