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"Tools for online testing"


Thursday, Feb 7, 20.00-21.00GMT - Week 4




Guest speaker: Arjana Blazic (Croatia)

Session mods: Marijana Smolcec (Croatia) and Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal)

Other mods present: Ayat Tawel (Egypt), Jose Antonio da Silva (JA) (Brazil), Larisa Olesova, (Russia/USA), Maria Bossa (Argentina) and Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)


Abdeljebbar/aelaaiouar (Saudi Arabia), Catherine Boissier (France), Cholpon Musaeva (India), Daniela Bunea (Romania), Fabiana Casella (Argentina), Flávia Uhlmann (Brazil), Gildeta Serafim (Brazil), Irina Kuznetsova (Russia), Ivana Brozovic (Croatia), Karen Frazier Tsai (USA), Kerry Sheperd (Canada), Maria Ossei (France), Marija Huzjak-Saban (Croatia), Nora Brussolo (Argentina), Peggy George (USA), Sanja Bozinovic (Croatia), Sara Tilleman (Israel), Sneza Filipovic (Serbia), Svetlana Njegomir (Serbia) / Светлана Његомир (guest, I believe), Tatiana Kharlamova (Russia), Vladimir Mitic (Serbia).


There was 1 guest speaker, 7 mods and 21 participants. Altogether, 29 members from 16 countries! That's the power of 21st century technology!!!  :-)




You can listen to the recording here.








Arjana's blog post

Baw - my story (9Feb13)






Joined on 7 de Fevereiro de 2013 at 19:45
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Croatia]: I love them too, and my family
Moderator (Session Leader): Hello Fernanda!!!
Me: Hi, Arjana, Marijana, marija
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: choripan
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Croatia]: Hi Fernanda
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: chorizo
Moderator (Session Leader): Of course, you are always welcome
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Hi
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Hey
Me: Hi JA
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: it is me
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Thanks
Moderator (Session Leader): hello JA, happy B-day again
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): ¨Hello all
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: jajajaja
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hello teresa
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Hi Marijana. Thanks for the warm welcome Maria
teresadeca [portugal]: hi arjana and everyone!    
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Bife de chorizo
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: ohhhhh yes, bife de chorizo
Moderator (Session Leader): and ?evap?i?i
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: but bife is meat
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): Hi Teresa    great to see you here!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: chorizo is sausage
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: yes
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): yes, i'm ready!
teresadeca [portugal]: same to you, arjana    
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): hi Cat
catherine boissier [france]: hey hellllooo
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: yes
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): yes
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): thank you
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Thanks
catherine boissier [france]: been busy but glad to hear you all
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Hi Catherine
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i love your pace when you speak Teresa
catherine boissier [france]: hi JA
Moderator (Session Leader): of course
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Hello
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes, hello cat   
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi everyone
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): Hello Catherine
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hello cholpon   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: 35 C
catherine boissier [france]: under 10cm of snow
Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Cholpon
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi
teresadeca [portugal]: 11 in the lisbon area
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): it's been quite cold here in Portugal today, it's about 10 now
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi everyone !!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: ohhhhhhhhhh... hellllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo sister   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Arijana   
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: It's warm
Moderator (Session Leader): Hello Ayat, try on themic
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: 27c
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Hi Ayat!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Fernanda & Marijana
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]:   
Moderator (Session Leader): LOL   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahahahah
catherine boissier [france]: so much energy!!!
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): Hi Ayat, thank you for coming
Cholpon Musaeva [India]:   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahaha
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: she cant she is laughing  a lot
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Hi Ayat
teresadeca [portugal]: JA, any hangover from patying yesterday?!    
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: ohh, i didnt learn that word
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]:   
teresadeca [portugal]: partying...
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Not really
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: it was a light party
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Teresa
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi, it's 1-23 am in India
teresadeca [portugal]: good for you. hangovers are so bad
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi JA !!! How was ur day   
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Just a birthday cake
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: It was great Ayat, thanks
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: can you fedex some cake to all of us?
catherine boissier [france]: always cake here with you!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hello Catherine, Cholpon, Marija !!   
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Yes Catherine
catherine boissier [france]: HI Ayat!!
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Hi Daniela
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: hello everybody
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): Hi Daniela
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: hi Arjana
Moderator (Session Leader): hello
catherine boissier [france]: hi
Moderator (Session Leader): nice to hear you
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Ohhhh !! Thankssss Cholpon for coming in such a very late time !!
teresadeca [portugal]: was that daniela? too short    
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): How are you Daniela?
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: With my great pleasure
teresadeca [portugal]: of course    
Moderator (Session Leader): super, of course you are welcome
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: thank you
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Daniela !!Nice to have you with us , welcome   
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): I'm so glad you are here, dear Daniela!
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]:   
catherine boissier [france]: she's smiling already
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahahahaha, YESSS   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: esp. with Catherine with us   
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): beijinhos!
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): xxx
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Tatiana
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi Ayat
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi everyone
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Karen   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi! Karennnn, nice to see you here!   
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: Hi
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi, Ayat and Maria...and everyone!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi dear Karen!   
Irina: Hello everyone! I'm from Russia, Volgograd.
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Hi Karen
Moderator (Session Leader): excellent irina, thx
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I'm glad to be here and I'm learning so much! Thanks!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi, JA!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi Teresa
teresadeca [portugal]: great, karen!
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): yes
catherine boissier [france]: hello
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hiiiiiiii   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: yes
teresadeca [portugal]: very well
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: yes
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Yes
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: yes
Moderator (Session Leader): yes, excellent
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): quite well, yes!
Irina: yeas
teresadeca [portugal]: welcome maria and gil    
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Ivana   
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: Hi everyone   
catherine boissier [france]: thanks for the kind welcome
Moderator (Session Leader): Hi Ivana
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: Hi   
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): it is!
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): thank you for inviting me! It's my pleasure!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Peggy   
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Hi everyone! Great to be here learning and sharing with you.   
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Hi Ayat   
teresadeca [portugal]: welcome peggy    
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Hi Teresa!
teresadeca [portugal]: arjana, thank you for helping us celebrate our 10th anniversary    
catherine boissier [france]: great project
teresadeca [portugal]: welcome kerry    
teresadeca [portugal]: and welcome ivana    
Kerry [Vancouver]: Hi everyone
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): @abfromz
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): Thank you very much, Marijana
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: hello how are you all ni ce to be here
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: hearing you great Arjana!   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hi gildeta   
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Hi Gil
Moderator (Session Leader): It's great to have you with us
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: hello god to be with you
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: good
Moderator (Session Leader): Hello Sanja
teresadeca [portugal]: this is fabulous! from participant to speaker for the second time    
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Hi everyone!
teresadeca [portugal]: welcome sanja
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Croatia]: Hi Sanja
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Vladimir   
Moderator (Session Leader): yes, esl Videos
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Not yet
Moderator (Session Leader): hotpotatoes
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: esl videos
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: hot potatoes
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: not yet
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I don't have a classroom but have used some testing tools and polling tools
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: classitools
catherine boissier [france]: google docs
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: google docs
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Classtools
teresadeca [portugal]: i used quia quite a lot for exercises
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]:   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: not yet except for creating avatars and comic creators
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: youtube
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: quia
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: polleverywhere
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: quizlet.com
teresadeca [portugal]: great tool, peggy
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: now we have lots of them available on apps   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: no
teresadeca [portugal]: i have a page with all the exercises i created for my students
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: yes I create my quizzes
catherine boissier [france]: yes, thanks to you last year
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: quizlet i ctreated
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: I've created quizzes on quizlet
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: yes
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: not using online tools
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: I create in quia
Kerry [Vancouver]: in Moodle
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: I used TinyTap, an iPad app to create tests
Moderator (Session Leader): ESL videos   
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Moodle
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: also in edmodo
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: google forms frequently
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes, but without using technology
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: no but it sounds like a great idea
catherine boissier [france]: not yet
Moderator (Session Leader): not yet
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: not yet
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: no, I haven´t
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: no, not yet
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: no
Moderator (Session Leader): but great idea
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: no not yet
teresadeca [portugal]: this is the page with all my exercises http://www.digibridge.net/teresadeca/school/activities-efl.htm
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: not yet, haven't thought about it till now
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: No, I ususally do it
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: but i like the idea
teresadeca [portugal]: you can look at it some other time
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: thanks Teresa!
Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRFrnzf9vNI&feature
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Hello, everyone.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hi flavia   
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Croatia]: Hi Flavia
Moderator (Session Leader): Hello Flavia
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi Flavia
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: hi flavia   
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: great point! happy students and happy teachers   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: WOW, what a collection   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: It really IS an amazing collection !   
catherine boissier [france]: lots of good reasons
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: many learning management systems have their own built-in testing tools but they aren't all wonderful...
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Yes, Peggy. It makes things easier , rather than embeddingfrom other sites
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: I'm  a little lost with the collection of data from surveys or exercises .
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I agree @Ayat!
Moderator (Session Leader): http://a4esl.org/
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: me
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: I think it's a little complex.
Moderator (Session Leader): not me!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: not me
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: I have
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: not me
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: not yet
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: not me
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: i have already used it
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: no
teresadeca [portugal]: fabulous!!!
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: not yet
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: I have an account, but I haven't used it much
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: I always link their stuff to the school website
teresadeca [portugal]: they also have great vocab lists
Moderator (Session Leader): www.easytestmaker.com
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: no
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: no
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: NO
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: no
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: No
Irina: no
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: no
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: no
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Croatia]: No
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: No
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: no
teresadeca [portugal]: no
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: that's why I haven't used it   
Moderator (Session Leader): www.easytestmaker.com
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Hi Sneza!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Sneza   
teresadeca [portugal]: welcome, sneza    
Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.easytestmaker.com/default.aspx
Moderator (Session Leader): works now
Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.eslvideo.com
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: great tool
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Hello!
Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.eslvideo.com/esl_video_quiz_new.php?id=8482&pagenum=4
Moderator (Session Leader): bruno, your favourite   
Moderator (Session Leader): I love ESL videos
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: love that format of having the video side by side with the quiz questions!
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: is it free?
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: cool
Moderator (Session Leader): Free and easy to use Vladimir
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: That is great!
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: It is easy, even for a beginner!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]:   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yeap, agree with you sneza
Irina: So many resources, thanks for sharing!
catherine boissier [france]: no feeling lost ? LOL sneza
Moderator (Session Leader): many, many great, love that Arjana mentions pros and cons of each site   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Aren't there recommended videos there !!
Moderator (Session Leader): Vevo videos would be more CC
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I do, too. It's so helpful to know both the pros and cons.
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: no
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: no
Moderator (Session Leader): http://kubbu.com/
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: no
Moderator (Session Leader): no
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: No
catherine boissier [france]: no
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: no
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: no
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: @ Catherine, @Sneza. lol
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: No
Irina: No
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: no
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: @Cat was lost but they found me! Pity you were not with me, missed you!
Moderator (Session Leader): Sneze, you were never lost!
catherine boissier [france]: @sneza I saw you were in good hands? Never lost in BAW for long
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: I tried to hide   
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: funny!!
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: you'll never find more helpful moderators than we have in Webheads!!!!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: looks great
Moderator (Session Leader): thx Peggy
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: I know  
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: That is so true, Peggy! Our BaW moderators are great! So very helpful!
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Im proof of that too! Tks to all mods.
catherine boissier [france]: nice in-depth description
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: there will always be limitations of the free tools but they're still valuable
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: how many students are allowed in Kubbu?
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: no
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: I know of it, never used it
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: no
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: no
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: No
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: yes
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I always start with free and then if I really like it I go for the paid version
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: Yes
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: no
Irina: No
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: no
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: yes
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: no
catherine boissier [france]: yes
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: noy until today
Moderator (Session Leader): http://quizlet.com/
teresadeca [portugal]: it's wonderful!!!
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Quizlet also has a great app for mobile devices
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: http://quizlet.com/mobile
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: Yes, Peggy. It is great for mobile devices
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: @Peggy - good to know
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: "easyQuizzy" is also a handy test maker
teresadeca [portugal]: and you can add sound files
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: can you track how many people go into your quiz?
teresadeca [portugal]: and you can add sound files
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: hearing the pronunciations is really helpful!
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Can I get students results emailed to me?
teresadeca [portugal]: aelaaiouar, can you please write your name?
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Abdeljebbar
teresadeca [portugal]: tk you    
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hi nora   
Moderator (Session Leader): Welcome Larissa
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Larisa   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hiiiii larisa   
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: nice
Larisa [Russia/USA]: Hi everyone
Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.proprofs.com/
Larisa [Russia/USA]: Glad to be here as my meeting just cancelled
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi, Larissa
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: hi, everyone
JA [ (Brasilia- Brazil)]: I have an account in Proprofs
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: ni nora
Larisa [Russia/USA]: Hi Karen
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Nice to be able to join you all here
Fabiana Casella [(Argentina)]: Hi!
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: there are a LOT of advertisements on it
teresadeca [portugal]: welcome, larisa!
Moderator (Session Leader): Certificate is great
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: looks so good!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi to all!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Yes, certificates will be motivating   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: that is true. It's good to have variety.
Moderator (Session Leader): I will try proprofs tomorrow
Moderator (Session Leader): http://quizstar.4teachers.org/
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: no
Moderator (Session Leader): no
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: no
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: no
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: no
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: no
Irina: no
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: yes
Moderator (Session Leader): Arjana's proprof's quiz http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/
Moderator (Session Leader): That's great
Moderator (Session Leader): https://docs.google.com
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: I couldn't see Arajan's quiz by clicking on the link
Moderator (Session Leader): which one proprofs?
Moderator (Session Leader): will check the link , thx Flavia
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: I have already used it, but not to create tests.
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Google Forms are fantastic for quizzes and surveys!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I have used google docs for document sharing, but not for testing.
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I love that you can embed Google quizzes right in your blog or wiki
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: I've used it for sharing with students in class.
Moderator (Session Leader): Sorry Flavia that is link for proprof for quiz schools
Moderator (Session Leader): my mistake
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: LOL I'm a disaster at numbers   
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: it's excellent for surveys
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: LOL, Maria, I'm also a mess with numbers.  
Moderator (Session Leader): Google docs it's great for gathering some information, as a survey
Moderator (Session Leader): http://hotpot.uvic.ca/
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: I've been trying now on BAW. LOL!
Moderator (Session Leader): great Flavia
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: yes
catherine boissier [france]: yes
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: yes
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: yes
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Yes
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: not yet
Larisa [Russia/USA]: yes
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: yes
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: not yet
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: not yet
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: yes
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: I yes
teresadeca [portugal]: yes
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: I"ve played with Hot Potatoes   
???????? ??????? [Vrsac] 1: yes
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Now on Baw, @Arjana.
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: We have to install it as a software !!
Fabiana Casella [(Argentina)]: no
Moderator (Session Leader): http://mojamatura.net/images/stories/engleski/first-last-everything.htm
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: when i saw that it needed to be downloaded, i used smth that didn't have to be downloaded.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @ayat... yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: you need to download it
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: i'll try it out some time i'm sure
Moderator (Session Leader): Arjana has done so many HP quizes for MOja matura site
Moderator (Session Leader): or the Tom Jones Arjana    http://mojamatura.net/images/stories/mojamatura-2-0/TomJones_CaptivatingEyes.htm
catherine boissier [france]: saw him 2 yrs ago loved it
Moderator (Session Leader): like a link
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: great examples    Thanks!
Moderator (Session Leader): @Cat you saw Tom Jones live
Moderator (Session Leader): http://mojamatura.net/images/stories/dm1112/TributestoSteveJobs.htm
catherine boissier [france]: yep!!
catherine boissier [france]: so sexy
Moderator (Session Leader): Stve jobs - just posted
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: But how to collect the answers?
catherine boissier [france]: great examples
Moderator (Session Leader): Arjana has a funny sound now, to you too?
Moderator (Session Leader): it's ok now!
Moderator (Session Leader): all ok   
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: yes
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: it's over now
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: I try that out a couple of hours ago
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: i
Moderator (Session Leader): it's my kids who knows
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: at some point there was a pause
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: It's ok, Arijana   
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: how are we supposed to download worksheets, or print them?
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Flubaroo is a great tool for grading Google quizzes and getting the results http://www.flubaroo.com/flubaroo-user-guide
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: and then the audio tried to catch up   
Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.toolsforeducators.com/
Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.123listening.com/
Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.tefl.net/
catherine boissier [france]: sooo many sites again!
Moderator (Session Leader): http://www.wordlearner.com/
Kerry [Vancouver]: WOW, so many choices...overwhelming!!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: It's great to know that there are so many good resources you recommend!
Moderator (Session Leader): yes Ayat
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: great point about guessing!
Kerry [Vancouver]: multiple choice is always open to guessing
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: yes
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: sue
Moderator (Session Leader): Yes in ESL videos
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: sure
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: yes
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: I have this quote on my site.
catherine boissier [france]: so true
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: This is a great quote and so true!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowow... interesting info
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Then, Let's make our students teachers
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]:   
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Very true
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Ayat... LOL   
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: there are some great quizzing/testing options on SpellingVocabulary City but the free version is pretty limited. http://www.spellingcity.com/pm-overview.html
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]:   
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: Do they make good quizzes?
Moderator (Session Leader): : http://www.discoveryeducation.com/free-puzzlemaker/?CFID=13617083&CFTOKEN=34531333
Moderator (Session Leader): so, tomorrow, ask my students to make quizes for each other
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: LOL marijana
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: i'll check that marijana   
Moderator (Session Leader): super Ivana, we will do it together
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: If they make the quizzes, who gets the results?
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: no
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: no
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: yes
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: no
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: no
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: np
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: no
Irina: yes
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: yes
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Can I get my students results emailed to me?
Fabiana Casella [(Argentina)]: Excellent material! Thanks!!
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: @marijana ok   
Moderator (Session Leader): Puzzlemaker you print out
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]:   
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: smth's wrong with the sound
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: you sound like a munchkin
Moderator (Session Leader): all ok now Vladimir
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]:   
Fabiana Casella [(Argentina)]: Thank YOU all!!!!
Moderator (Session Leader): allo ok
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: fantastic resources and tips @Arjana!!! Thank you so much!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Thank you, it was great Arijana   
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: thank you
catherine boissier [france]: thank you for all of that!
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Croatia]: thank you Arjana, it was really great!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thank you, Arijana! You provided us with so many wonderful resources!!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Thank you so much. It was so informative and useful!!!
Kerry [Vancouver]: merci, Arijana
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: thank you
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: thank you, Arjana
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: thank you Arjana, great presentation
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Thank you. That was great!
catherine boissier [france]: so many things to try out
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: https://twitter.com/abfromz
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: great presentation,congratulations thank you
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: Thank you so much! Really great!
Irina: Thank you arjana
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Very resourceful webinar. Which is your favorite tool or tools? One that a novice can start to play with?
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Tks you a lot. Lots of resources
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: If the students make the quizzes who gets the results?
Moderator (Session Leader): and Bruno Mars
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Does ESL video recommend some videos for you ?
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: First of all thank you very much for a wonderful & informative presentations. My q'n is which one has a partially completed crossword puzzle, a sort of information gap activity?
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Thx
Moderator (Session Leader): Thank you Cholpon
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Even if I'm using their ready quizzes, will I still be able to get results and a record of it ? (ESLvideo)
Moderator (Session Leader): There are few more questions we have taken during your presenttaion
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Which one can make my students results be sent to my email?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i guess i will become an ESL video fan   
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: So the site will hold the results, right?
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: there are also lots of tools the students can use to demonstrate their learning through projects--video, audio, multimedia like Voicethread, etc. We should broaden our thinking about how to assess learning and go beyond testing   
Moderator (Session Leader): I don't think that is possible
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Fabiana Casella [(Argentina)]: THANK YOU ALL!! You are all GIVING TOP TEN sessions!!!
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: I mean aas they answer, their results are sent to my email
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Which tools are the easiest to be recommended to students to start making their own quizzes, esp. if they are YL ??
Moderator (Session Leader): Thank you Fabiana for that comment
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: thanks Fabiana   
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Thx
Moderator (Session Leader): Arjana mic
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: If the questions or answers are invalid or unreliable, do they indicate that?
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Good question, Ayat?
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: really? no more free teacher accounts on Voicethread?
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Is puzzlemaker easy for young learners to use?
Fabiana Casella [(Argentina)]: Thank you ALL, YOU are making me study during our summer break!!   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Quizlet & Puzzlemaker !
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Thank you Ayat
teresadeca [portugal]: could ???????? ??????? [Vrsac] please write your name for us to understand? thank you
Fabiana Casella [(Argentina)]: MOTIVATING
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: too bad about Voicethread! I pay for an account there.
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Welcome   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: yes
???????? ??????? [Vrsac] 1: Svetlana Njegomir, Vrsac, Serbia
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): yes
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: yes
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: yes
teresadeca [portugal]: thank you, svetlana    
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Is Where can we access the recording of today's session?
Moderator (Session Leader): the Kubbu
Moderator (Session Leader): 30 students 15 activities
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Where can we access the recording of today's session?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: thanks
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): the recording will be later in baw2013 wiki
???????? ??????? [Vrsac] 1:   
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Many thanks Fernanda
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: same here in argenitna... no budget   
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: If possible to have the slides, pls!
Moderator (Session Leader): yes Flavia all will be in Bawwiki session page later
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: @Flavia, They will be in our wiki soon as well !!
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Sara Tilleman [Israel]: can you track how many people go into your quiz?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @marijana... you sound like a flight attendand when you pass the mic   
Moderator (Session Leader): Fer mic
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Tks, a lot.
Moderator (Session Leader): really, nice maybe some airlines would employ me
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahahaha   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]:   
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Sara Tilleman [Israel]: Do they make good quizzes?
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: If they make the quizzes, who gets the results?
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: but in quizlet, do they open up their own account or they make the quiz using your account
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: We had an excellent presentation by Catherine Flippen on our Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinars about creating online quizzes--great examples using Google Docs. http://live.classroom20.com/1/post/2012/11/online-assessments-data-collection-and-you.html
Moderator (Session Leader): Thank you Peggy for the link, it will be shared in our Baw2103 wiki as well
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: thanks for sharing Peggy   
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: the recording is excellent and so is the Livebinder with lots of resources   
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: thank you
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Cholpon Musaeva [India]:  My q'n is which one has a partially completed crossword puzzle, a sort of information gap activity?
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Will be waiting excitedly for the session page to go through everything again step by step !!   
catherine boissier [france]: one hour's talk, one week's testing to be done!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i will need one entire year to try all these tools   
Moderator (Session Leader): yes Maria, 1 year
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: @Ayat - the same here. LOL
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Yes, Maria   
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Maria, I think it'll take me more than 1 year
catherine boissier [france]: ok, didn't want to panic you!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: it's good that Baw is once a year to try all the tools   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahahah  
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: @Peggy. tks a lot. that's exactly what I'm looking for!!
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: By that time more tools will be available online
teresadeca [portugal]: this is "remedial work" wiki i created for 6th grade students that worked and you may enjoy looking at. some students passed english that year ecause of this extra work http://6thgrade-07.pbworks.com/
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: agree with you @ale..
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Exactly Abdeljabbar, so we have to go through them before Baw 2014 !!
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: wonderful presentation @Arjana!!! Thank you!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Thank you, Arjana. Enjoyed your presentation!
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Thx Maria
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: All the best to all of you. Really great session!! Tk you all
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): Thank you so much! all of you
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Thank you very much. fantastic session
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: thank YOU   
Ivana Brozovi? [Ogulin]: Thank you   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Bravoooooooo Arijana    Clap, clap, clap
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thank you for sharing your wiki,Teresa.
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): Thank you all!
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): It was my huge pleasure!
catherine boissier [france]: they've all been great so far
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Croatia]: Yes it was absolutely great! Thank you very much!
Moderator (Session Leader): so glad you made it Arjana   
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): you don't know how much this means to me!!!
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: thank you all for sharing with us!! we learn so much from each other!
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: So nice of you to share your resources. Thank you
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you  so much, Arijana, Fernanda, Teresa, Marijana, Ayat, Maria and everyone   
catherine boissier [france]: got to go find a party dress now
Daniela Bunea [Sibiu, Romania]: thank you
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Thanks
???????? ??????? [Vrsac] 1: Thank you!
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Excellent moderation job. Thank youi
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Thanks Cholpon   
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: thank you
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thank you, Arijana, for a great presentation!! And, thanks to all our moderators and participants! Excellent information was shared today! Thanks again!   
Moderator (Session Leader): we are happy as well!!!!  
teresadeca [portugal]: poor arjana. she's been talking for almost an hour. great work, arjana!    
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Thanks everyone for coming and thanks Arjana for a such a great presentation!
Fabiana Casella [(Argentina)]: IT WAS EXCELLENT!!
Moderator (Session Leader): a true Webhead
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: bravoo
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: it was our pleasure to listen to you
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]:   
Fabiana Casella [(Argentina)]: It IS excellent!!!!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: bye
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: bye
Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]: Teresa you are a SUPER moderator!!!    Thank you!
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you for a wonderful presentation
Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Bye
Sara Tilleman [Israel]: Excellent job!
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): Thank you all!
Fabiana Casella [(Argentina)]: Bye!! Have a good one!   
Sneza Filipovic [Belgrade]: bye  
catherine boissier [france]: thanks & see you soon
Irina: Bye
teresadeca [portugal]: thank you to all participants for being here    
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Bye   
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Abdeljebbar EL AAIOUAR from Morocco. Now residing in Saudi Arabia greets you all. Thank you
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): bye
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): bye
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Croatia]: Bye
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: bye
Sanja Bozinovic [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Good bye everyone!
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Abdeljebbar EL AAIOUAR from Morocco. Now residing in Saudi Arabia greets you all. Thank you
Moderator (Session Leader): Good night
???????? ??????? [Vrsac] 1: Bye
catherine boissier [france]: well done all of you
Larisa [Russia/USA]: Thank you for great session
Moderator (Session Leader): it was nice Arjana, all was great,
teresadeca [portugal]: very, arjana    
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bye bye and thanks   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: YOU WERE GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
catherine boissier [france]: that was coool and professional
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): all was wonderful!, Arjana!
teresadeca [portugal]: thank you for the effort you made, arjana. from the heart    
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]):   
catherine boissier [france]: sleep tight!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: after my milk ... i will start   
catherine boissier [france]: bye
Moderator (Session Leader): bye, bye
teresadeca [portugal]: bye!    
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: bye
Moderator (Arjana Blazic [Zagreb]): bye
Moderator (Session Leader): bye all
aelaaiouar@yahoo.co.uk [Saudi Arabia]: Bye everyone
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bye bye, see you alter   


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