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Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 7 years, 9 months ago



"From Darkness to a Sparkling Connected ELT Community"


Saturday, Feb 9, 17.00-18.00GMT - Week 4




Guest speaker: Claudio Azevedo (Brazil)

Session mods: Marijana Smolcec (Croatia),  Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal) and Svetlana Obenausova (Czech Republic)

Other mods present: Ayat Tawel (Egypt), Jose Antonio da Silva (JA) (Brazil), Maria Bossa (Argentina) and Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)


Catherine Boissier (France),  Fabiana Casella (Argentina), Faten Romdhani (Tunisia; guest), Flávia Uhlmann (Brazil), Gildeta Serafim (Brazil), Karen Frazier Tsai (USA), Lucy Yordanova (Abu Dhabi), Marcia Balda (Argentina, guest), Maria Colussa (Argentina), Maria Rita Pepe (Italy), Mariana Hernandez (Mexico), Marija Huzjak-Saban (Croatia), Nora Brussolo (Argentina), Sneza Filipovic (Serbia), Tatiana Kharlamova (Russia), Vladimir Mitic (Serbia).


There was 1 guest speaker, 7 mods and 16 participants. Altogether, 24 members from 14 countries. Isn't that great to be able to meet online?





You can listen to the recording here.




Claudio's links






Joined on 9 de Fevereiro de 2013 at 16:34
Me: Hi Claudio!
claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3: Hi Fernanda
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hey
claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3: Hi Jose
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Claudio, Hi Fernanda
claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3: How can we upload the ppt slides?
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Hello everybody
Me: Hi JA and Svetlana
Moderator: hello, claudio and baw mods    
claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3: hi
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Claudio is asking how to upload files
Me: Hi Teresa
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Hello
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: not very good sound, was it Teresa?
Me: I cant' understand
Me: yes
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I can hear
claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3: yes!
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: good now
claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3: I acn't find the folder
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): yes
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: NO
Me: I don't think so
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Yes, Claudio
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: ok
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): I'd like to check if my microphone is working.
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Me, too
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Hi Maria
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Maria
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hiiiiiiiiiii
Me: Hi Maria
Moderator (Session Leader): hi maria    
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: nice to see you here
Moderator (Session Leader): hi flavia! welcome    
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): seems to be ok.
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Flavia
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: yes
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: a buzz
Me: yes, but a lot of buzz
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Yes, but with a hum
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes, with a buzz
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: a lot of buzz
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: no
Me: I'm afraid not
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: no
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: worse
Me: yes!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yesssssssssss
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: excellent
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: unplug it from the power source
Me: great
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: yes
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Hello, dear Baw team. Nice to be here. Now the sound is better, Claudio
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: clear
Me: yes
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: perfecdt
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi flavia
Moderator (Session Leader): yes, claudio
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: hello, Maria, JA. Nice to see you again.
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Me too, Flavia
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: it's nice to see YOU, flavia
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes   
Me: yes, JA
Moderator (Session Leader): yes, JA
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Hello JA
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: clear
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: perfect
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): yes
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: with some water
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: water, it is not reaining
Me: JA is having a shower!   
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: ha, ha
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: OMG Svetlana
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: JA is ready to party at carnival   
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: The water sound suggests a shower Fernanda. I could use one. It is too hot these days
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Very different from your place, Maria
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Not really. I am not the carnival type
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Yes, we are, right, JA? Attengin Baw!!   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: indeed, Svetlana
Me: nor am I
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: oops atending
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia ]: Hi to everyone!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Marija   
Me: hi, Marija
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Hello Marija
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Hi, Marija! Long time no see you!
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Flavia is parying, aren't you Flavia?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: it's siesta time   
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia ]: I've been busy, but I'm here!
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Teresa
Moderator (Session Leader): i meant welcome marija    
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Hello Flavia
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes flavia
Moderator (Session Leader): yes
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): yes
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I think we are just afraid mikes won't work
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: yes
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: JA... do you have 2 days free for carnival as we have here in Arg?
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: We have three days, till wednesday
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowowowowowowowow
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: will you go to rio?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i'd love to be there one day
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: That is great, isn't it?
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: In fact 4, JA. Sat.Sun.Mon.Tue till Ash Wed
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: OMG.... that's what I call PARTY TIME   
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Yes, Flavia. I did not count the weekends
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Really. Maria!
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: Thank you, Teresa
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hiiiiiiii Karen!   
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Gil and Lucy
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: So, we have more time to dedicate to Baw!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Hello I very p0leased to to behere with you
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: How are you
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hey Karen
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi!   
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: hello everybody
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hello
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Hello, Karen!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hi, thanks!
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: The same here.
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Happy Chinese New Year
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: snake
Moderator (Session Leader): great for money, i heard    
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: great!!!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hope so!!!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Happy New year then
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Is it a good sign?
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: hope so, too
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Yes, it is supposed to be a good year!   
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Fernanda
Moderator (Session Leader): just a sec, fernanda
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Yes, a great time for money gifts in little red envelopes.   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @svetlana... I think that if you change your old skin and stuff for new ones... then,... it's great   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thanks for the new year greetings from all!   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Nora   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Ha ha, Maria!   
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Hi, today on time
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: LOL    Nora
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Helloooo
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Sister!!!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hiiiiiiii Fatem!!! It's nice to see you here!
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: Hellooooooooooooooooo evryone!
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: hello, Ayat and Nora
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Hello Ayat
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Claudio, our class hero !!   
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Maria
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: And Faten
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Maria  
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Teresa... Fatem is a colleague from Tunisia,
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: she is at digitialstorytelling with me
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: Thank you Maria ! Hi Teresa
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: I love Claudio I mean his work
Moderator (Session Leader):   
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: it´s true
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Welcome!   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Svetlana and everyone
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Welcome Faten
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Ayat.... sabajelnour!   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Sabahelnour   
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): hi Catherine
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi, Ayat!
catherine boissier [france]: hi everyone
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi Cat   
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Hi Ayat
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: HI, Cat.
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi, Catherine!
catherine boissier [france]: smiles to you all
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: thanks cat   
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: Hi Catherine    
catherine boissier [france]: hellooo
catherine boissier [france]: I still have that feeling
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: me too
Maria Rita [Italy]: Hello everybody
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: we all have it Cat   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: LoL! Me, too, Catherine!
Moderator (Session Leader): hi faten! are you here as a guest? or are you a baw13 member?
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: it's true, @Claudio
catherine boissier [france]: exactly
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Teresa... Faten is a dear colleague from DigitalStorytelling, the other EVO session
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: really true
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: So true!
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: me too.  
Moderator (Session Leader): great! welcome, faten   
catherine boissier [france]: big jump
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: me, too
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I also had slides
catherine boissier [france]: those were the days!!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Oh, do I remember them jamming!
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: Thank you Moderaor   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: i still have my cassettes collection
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Amazing progress in a short time!
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: slide projector
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: lol, @Maria.
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Just got rid of them last month!
catherine boissier [france]: baw is a mirale!!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: they (cassettes) have saved me lots of time   
catherine boissier [france]: miracle
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I have them, too, Maria!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: great Karen
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia ]: so true!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Hi everyone
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: we have to be autonomous just like we have our students to be
catherine boissier [france]: yes, the list is long
Moderator (Session Leader): hi tatiana! welcome    
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Yes, @Gildeta
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: sure@Gildeta
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]:   
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Ronaldo Junior
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Claudio, 'What to blog about?' is a question many of us have .   
catherine boissier [france]: too true
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Sure, @Karen
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: agree with you Karen
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: nothing seems new enough!!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: I will blog about "how to tease Ayat"!!   
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: And each one us are unique in a way
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I feel that way, too, Nora.
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: that´s what I´ve always thought
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahahah  
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: ha ha, Maria!
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: That will be a popular blog Maria
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: sure, it will be   
Sneza Filipovic []: Helo everybody!
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hiiiii Sneza   
catherine boissier [france]: hi sneza
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Hi, Sneza!   
Moderator (Session Leader): welcome, sneza!    
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): hi, Sneza
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Hi, Sneza. Nice to see you here.
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Sneza
Sneza Filipovic []: Nice to see you all!
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Hi Sneza
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: hello
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: I totally agree with Claudio Azevedo
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: Please, would you send us the link to your blog?
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: It will be on the wiki of the BAW
catherine boissier [france]: simple is always best
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: It's hard, sometimes to have  Business English sts participate on my blog...
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: it´s true Flavia
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: It's always challenging to  raise an issue to have sts participate and post opinions, and so on.
catherine boissier [france]: thanks for giving the human touch
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I know Flavia, sometimes it is hard to get students' participation
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: it simple to Claudio because he has the gift
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: busy guys!
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com/
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: That can be frustrating
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: That is right
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Counters help a lot
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I agree that that is frustrating and then you wonder if you should do another.
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: I always read it
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Hi, Vladimir
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Catering to audience is important
catherine boissier [france]: that's cool sharing
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Tks for the link, @Fernanda
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: that´s a problem discipline
Sneza Filipovic []: Hello Vlado!
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Ha, ha,
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bravo!!   
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: Hello
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: @Maria Bossa: I can't see our moderators? am I on the wrong seesion?
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: Late as usual   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Faten, you are here at the right place
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Hi, Faten, this is Claudio's session
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Faten, can you listen to Claudio?
catherine boissier [france]: wow!!!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: That's wonderful!
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Congrats
Moderator (Session Leader): kudos, claudio!    
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: Ok thank you dear ! Yes, I can   
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): http://warmupsfollowups.blogspot.com/
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: great, Faten!   
catherine boissier [france]: you deserve it
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: You have a blog on a topic that so many are interested in!
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: Thank you so much   
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: What about copy rights
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Good question, Lucy!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: how can u prepare the video activities?
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com.br/2009/04/mist-modal-verbs-possibility.html
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: yes
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: yes
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I have it open now.
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: me too
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: done
catherine boissier [france]: ok
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: done
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: ok
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: ok
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: done[
Maria Rita [Italy]: ok
Sneza Filipovic []: yes
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: done
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: not very good either
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: great
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: No, I haven't seen it.
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: i have used this activity. Students liked it very much
Vladimir Mitic [Aleksinac, Serbia]: i like horror movies, but it's a bit naive
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: @Vlad I also like horror movies
Moderator (Session Leader): i'm going to pause the recording
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: @Claudio, how do you deal with copy rights
Moderator (Session Leader): claudio, pls let me know before you start speaking again so i can resume the recording
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): I will talk about it in a while.
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Is the mic on here ?
Moderator (Session Leader): can you release the mic, claudio, pls?
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): ok, i'll let you know
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: I can't hear!
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: sorry, but I can't see the link to watch it
Moderator (Session Leader): tks claudio    
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): they're watching a segment here http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com.br/2009/04/mist-modal-verbs-possibility.html
Faten Romdhani [Tunisia] 1: Great! Thank you !
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: wow, sooo exciting
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: can be integrated in lots of topics
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): sure!
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: I click on the pic but it doesn1t open
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia ] 1: the same with me and then i got lost, but I'm back
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: wow, parents-kids relationship !! works perfect with my YL
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Not the picture, scroll down, there is a screen.
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Sorry, I'm putting down my ideas as they come in
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): Tell me when you have finished watching the scene, please.
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Hi Tatiana
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: ok done
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: done
Maria Rita [Italy]: done
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi]: me too, done
catherine boissier [france]: done
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: done
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Done. Just Amazing !!
Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé, Argentina]: done!
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: done. Scary
catherine boissier [france]: wow it was strong stuff
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): can we start the recording again?
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: I agree
Moderator (Session Leader): welcome, marijana. partics are watching a video
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: yes
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: ok
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): please, Teresa
Marijana [Croatia]: ok, thank you for info, hello, am late a lot sorry
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: hi marijana, dont worry
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Welcome Marijana
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Hello Ayat
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): hi, Marijana
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Hi Marijana
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia ] 1: hi Marijana
JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Marijana
catherine boissier [france]: great for discussion
Sneza Filipovic []: Hi Marijana
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Hi jA, Sneza and everyone
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Hi   
catherine boissier [france]: hi marijana
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: wonderful
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Great movie clip to get students discussing.
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Do they write their opinions after watching the scene ?
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Or what would you do if you have to go and save your mum ??
catherine boissier [france]: so??? what is the answer??? what is the mist?
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Yes, good question, Cat !!!!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: to see the scenes with "different" eyes as you say is really difficult.
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @cat and ayat... rent the video   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Yes, what is the answer?
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): you have to see the film   
catherine boissier [france]: Yeh, Thanks, Maria!!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: how do prepare the clips
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: and tell us the answer next webinar   
catherine boissier [france]: lol
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Ha ha, Fernanda!
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): It's a Stephen KIngs film and he wrrites SF horror
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: ok
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Yes, what a great activity for students! I think they would really enjoy it!
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Students enjoy using films in class, know that from experinece
Moderator (Session Leader): hi marcia. welcome! are you a guest with us?
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: students love your blog
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: and teachers do more, Gil   
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): It's a cartoon I think my sons love it
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: for sure Ayat
catherine boissier [france]: Mega mind is the film ?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Session Leader... I think Marcia is also a digitalstorytelling participant
Moderator (Session Leader): tks, maria
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]:   
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Are the lesson plans found underdifferent categories in your blog ?
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: How can I share one of my  activities in your blog?
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Megamind is a cartoon, my sons love it here is the link to imbd http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1001526/
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: I tried once but wasn´t successful
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Really cool blog, @Claudio. I'll for sure use it this year. Tks a lot for sharing.
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Really? That's good to know.
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): 1/3 of a movie that's nice to know
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Good to know, @Claudio.
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: I didn´t know that
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: wow!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Great!
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): amazing collection!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Yes, your other bolg is very inspiring as well , esp. for critical thinking !!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: you rock Claudio
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]):    well done Claudio!
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: You're really generous! Congrats!!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Claudio, that is so generous of you!
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia ] 1: that's great!
catherine boissier [france]: Thnx Marijana for the info
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: You saved me many times ahahah
catherine boissier [france]: They are great blogs
marcia balda [argentina]: the link for the blog please?
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com.br/2009/04/mist-modal-verbs-possibility.html
marcia balda [argentina]: thanks
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Claudio's todays session Megamind http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.com/2013/02/megamind-adversative-conjunctions.html
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): http://moviesegmentstoassessgrammargoals.blogspot.pt/
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): He just mentioned doing a clip form Megamind movie   
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): I think we are inspired for sure   
catherine boissier [france]: already?? thanks so much claudio
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: VERY MUCH INSPIRED !!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Claudio, you have definitely inspired me! Thank you so much for all the interesting and useful ideas!!
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Thank you for sharing
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Congratulations Claudio
Sneza Filipovic []: Thank you! Really inspiring!
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia ] 1: Thanks for your generosity
catherine boissier [france]: great inspiration and humility
Moderator (Session Leader): not at the moment, marijana
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): ok Teresa   
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Do they write their opinions after watching the scene ?
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: about the movie segment we watched
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): They can also discuss it, right?
catherine boissier [france]: me too, I want to know why....
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: do you show the segements directly from your blog?
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Are the complete lesson plans you mentioned are found under a certain category in your blog !!
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Thanksssss
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): yes they are Ayat
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: That is true.
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: I guess all claudio's videos are downloadable
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: thanks   
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): about sharing activity
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Downloading the movie and not relying on intermittent internet connections is a good idea.
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: yes, sure, Karen
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: @Karen... yes! sure
Moderator (Session Leader): wb, JA
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Send an email to Claudio if ypu want your activity to be shared
Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi, lost connection
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: welcome back JA
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Where can you locate the movies to download for educational purposes? Do you have to buy the movies, as usual, first?
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Thank you Caludio I´ll do that.
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: how do you prepare the clips?
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: wowowowowowo... you must have a huge video library!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Oh, thank you for that information. So you use your own DVDs.
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): He definitely has, I remeber from last year he has a lot of DVDs
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: So you need a special machine to do this.
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: ok thanks
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): yes he does Karen
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: great, thanks   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Ok, thanks.
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Svetlana, thank you. That was my question, too.
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): i thought so
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): ;D
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Hahaha
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]):   
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]:   
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]:   
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): I realise movies are organized in alphabetical order and by levels
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Yes Fernanda
catherine boissier [france]: right! you're going to leave us in expectation all weekend!!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Where is this list, Fernanda?
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): @Cat you will buy it now for sure just to see the end   
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): or biy the book by S.KIng
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: In the right hand corner there is a search window.
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): right column of the blog
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: You just write e.g. imperatives
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Oh, ok. I"m not looking at the blog right now. I'll go there to see it.   
catherine boissier [france]: is it easy to download off your blog?
Sneza Filipovic []: @ Cat the butler did it!
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): and you also have a list of grammar points
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: I always search through the Search this blog window.
catherine boissier [france]: I thought it was Colonel Mustard @sneza
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): yes i have a list of grammar points
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): You can download the movies with download helper for firefox, for example
catherine boissier [france]: yes
catherine boissier [france]: movie
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): http://moviesegments.pbworks.com/w/page/27524778/FrontPage
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Which do you use Fernanda!?
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Yes, everything in Claudio's blog is just very easy and inspiring
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Fernanda had just posted the link of Claudio's wiki
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): downloadhelper
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): ok, I used to use Netvideohunter
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: My students wait excitedly for the grammar class now, expecting me to bring one of Claudio's segments !!
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Tks, @Fernanda
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): That's nice Ayat
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): yes, the copyrigths issues
catherine boissier [france]: OK , thanks Claudio I'll try later
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Yes, it's like their favorite class with these movies
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): http://www.downloadhelper.net/
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Thx Fernanda
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): I don't have more questions
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Great work, @Claudio! Very resourceful!!
Maria Rita [Italy]: Great blogs! Great presentation! Thank you.   
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: All has been answered
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Hi Flavia, can you speak please
Moderator (Session Leader): flavia, no voice from you
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): we can't hear you
Lucy Yordanova [Abu Dhabi] #2: It was a wonderful session
Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia ] 1: Very useful and inspiring! Thanks a lot!!!
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): you can email me further questions and doubts. claudioazv@gmail.com
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Thank you, Claudio!
catherine boissier [france]: Hey Flavia, are you in the bath? ? Can't hear you?
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Thank you sooo much, Claudio, for everything you have inspired us   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: no... she is with the mist!   
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): hahaha
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahahaha   
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): yes
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: ahahah
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): all great now
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Great presentation, Claudio! Thank you for sharing such terrific ideas for using movies! And, thank you for your blog! You are really an inspiration!
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): thanks
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): super FRlavia
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Flavia
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Indeed
catherine boissier [france]: I agree!
Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]: Bye Claudio Tks
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: thank you Caludio for being so generous
Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]: Bye everyone
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Congratulations
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Thanksss
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Thanks Claudio.
Maria Rita [Italy]: Thank you! Bye.
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Thank all moderators and bawers
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: Thank you claudio
Tatiana Kharlamova [Saratov, Russia]: Bye, everyone
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Thank you Cladudio, it was a lovely presentation, now we will all go and rent the Mist  movie   
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: Bye, everyone! Nice once again for the great time!! See you around dear friends!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: bye
catherine boissier [france]: thank you to everyone
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Thanks to everyone for sharing so many ideas and useful information! Bye!
Jose Antonio (JA) [Brasilia, Brazil]: yes 10 years of learning and sharing
Sneza Filipovic []: Thank you Claudio! Bye!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: great session bye bye
Svetlana Obenausova [Czech Republic] #2: Wonderful session again, Claudio. Thank you so much.
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Marijana, me, too!   
Moderator (claudio azevedo [brasilia] #3): thanks
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: See you ! Bye !!
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): great Karen
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: hahahaha!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: great carnival then
Nora Brussolo [Buenos Aires, Argentina]: Bye everyone
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): Bye all, thank you for coming!
Karen Frazier Tsai [Seattle USA]: Have fun, Claudio at your carnival!! Thanks again and bye!
Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: bye
Flávia Uhlmann [SP, Brazil]: let's work hard on Carnival...testing the Baw resources presented
Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Enjoy it, JA   
Maria Bossa [Rio Tercero, Argentina]: bye bye and see you around   
Moderator (Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]): bye bye
Moderator (Marijana [Croatia]): bye











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