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Rubena St Louis

Page history last edited by Teresa Almeida d'Eca 8 years, 3 months ago


"Designing online and blended lessons"

Friday, Feb. 15

18:30 - 19:30 GMT

 Webheads Elluminate vRoom




Guest speaker: Rubena St.Louis (Venezuela) 


Week 5 mod: Maria Bossa (Session Leader # 2 in the chatlog - Argentina) and Sharon Betts USA)

Coords present: Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal), Fernanda Rodrigues (Portugal) and Larisa Olesova (Russia)

Other mods present: Ayat Tawel (Egypt), JA/Jose Antonio (Brazil), Marijana Smolcec (Croatia)

Participants: Cholpon Musaeva (India), Flavia Uhlmann (Brazil), Gildeta Serafim (Brazil), Irina Kuznetsova (Russia), Marija Huzjak-Saban (Croatia), Sabrina Wilson (Spain).






Click here to listen to the recording (You will be taken back to the Elluminate Webheads vRoom).








Entrada: 15 de febrero de 2013 14:54

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): ok

Moderator (Session Leader #2): see you

Moderator (Session Leader #2): Hello dear participants! Welcome to our 3rd Live Session this week!

Moderator (Session Leader #2): I'm Maria and our guest speaker and Moderator is Rubena :)

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hey Bawers

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I am fine. Nice to see you, too

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hello everyone

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Your Portuguese is improving

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I am sorry, my mic is not on

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: It is okay

teresadeca [portugal]: hello rubena, maria and JA  :-)

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hello Teresa

teresadeca [portugal]: tks

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Hi everyone.

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Rubena

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes. tks maria

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: hello

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Hi.  Thank you

Moderator (Session Leader #2): greattttttt sound:)

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Yes, thanks

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): today your sound is great, maria  :-)

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Fernanda

Moderator (Session Leader #2): thank you teresa

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): much much better than usual. what did you do?!

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: hello Rubena, Helllo Teresa, Maria and JA

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Wow! That is  a lot

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Maria

Moderator (Session Leader #2): ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

Moderator (Session Leader #2): yes

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: reliable

Moderator (Session Leader #2): thanks

Moderator (Session Leader #2): ok, you can record it just in case

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: mine is not reliable

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Hi HI

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: hi Larisa

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hello Larissa

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Finally I am here

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): welcome, larisa

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Hi Ja

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Hi Teresa

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Hello Larisa

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): welcome sharon  :-)

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Sharon

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Hi Rubena nice to see you

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Maria, dear !! :)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): welcome ayat  :-)

Moderator (Session Leader #2): hiiiiiiiiiiii

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: thank you Teresa - can not believe we are on the last live session already.

Moderator (Session Leader #2): yes,

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: hi Ayat

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: :D

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahaha, fine

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Hallo

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Ayat

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: Hi Sharon

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Maria, the hostess

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Teresa, Fernanda and Sharon !!

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Did Teresa send you some of her wine tonday?

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): sharon, we still have the graduation party!  :-)

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi JA

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: lol

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): i did, sharon ;-)

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Larisa !!

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Hi dear Ayat

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Oh, of course - I don't think of the part like a presentation-

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Ayat

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): and i'm going to have some more this evening at dinner  :-)

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Hello

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Hi Ayat

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: My husband and both my dogs are quietly sleeping, so I will refrain from the mic right now.

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Mods are very dedicated to come first !! What a great team you are !! Baw rocks :)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): good for them, sharon

Moderator (Session Leader #2): ok, sharon

Moderator (Session Leader #2): i've been here for one hour 1 minute :)

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: We need some background music until all the participants arrive...  anyone sing?

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: ohhhh, great job. It seems you are still in the mood of "Back to work" !!

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: yes

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: yesss

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Yes, clearly

Moderator (Session Leader #2): yes

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): yes

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: we can hear you !!

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Super!

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I will also have to leave a bit earlier

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): you can listen afterwards

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Nice idea, Sharon !! You can start then ;)

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: It is good to be here for the farewell, though

Moderator (Session Leader #2): we still have 7 minutes

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Is Rubena here !!

Moderator (Session Leader #2): i will send all

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Hi Hi

Larisa [Russia/USA]: I did

Moderator (Session Leader #2): ohhh, thanks :)

Moderator (Session Leader #2): im as red as a tomato :)

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Yes, it is great, Maria !!

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Yes, Maria is great

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): clapping for maria

Moderator (Session Leader #2): thanks

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Clap, clap, Maria

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: yessss

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Maria has been on the ball all 2013 - school also used to make me crazy

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Marija :)

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hi Marija

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): welcome, marija  :-)

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Hi everyone. Glad to be with you!

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Hello Marija

Moderator (Session Leader #2): Session leader 2 is me, Maria :)

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hello Cholpon

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Cholpon:)

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi everyone

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): welcome, cholpon  :-)

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: Hi Cholpon

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Hello Cholpon

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Who will be recording?

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): i will, larisa

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: You can sing then, Maria :)

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Thank you Teresa

Larisa [Russia/USA]: I am sorry having so many meetings today

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahahaha :D

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Here is kind of hot, too Maria

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Maybe hummmmmmmmmm -

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: I'm freezing in Croatia!

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I am having ice cream

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: We still have lots of snow

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: I have herbal tea right now.

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Fine!

Larisa [Russia/USA]: mine is black tea with cookies

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): We can send some sunshine

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I love cookies

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): and i'm drinking black tea, sharon.

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Oh, I would love some of your sun, Rubena.

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: No, just cool these days

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Just think about it and it will be yours.

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Hi gildeta

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Gil

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Hello Gil

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): welcome, gildeta  :-)

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: hahaha

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: I really really wish we had recorded this for posterity.

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: hello  how are you all

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Yes Sharon

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): just fine, gildeta. and you?

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Hi Gildeta

Larisa [Russia/USA]: yes

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): yes

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes

Moderator (Session Leader #2): yes

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Hi - we hear you.

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: yes

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: yes

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: yes

Moderator (Session Leader #2): thank :)

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: and a pleasure to have you

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): thank you, gildeta  :-)

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: We are enjoying your participation too :)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): very sweet of you

Moderator (Session Leader #2): the mic, gil

Moderator (Session Leader #2): welcome :)

Moderator (Session Leader #2): yes, ayat and marijana taught me :)

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: ok

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): i think we should start

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: You can take mine. I won't be speaking

Larisa [Russia/USA]: JA! I will send my info during the wekend or on Monday.

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Hi Teresa

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: What a pity

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: it´s a pity it´s the last one

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: It's nice to be at the end after such a nice season

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Thank you Teresa

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Irina :)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): welcome, irina  :-)

Irina Kuznetsova [Volgograd, Russia]: Hi everyone, thanks for welcome!

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Sabrina

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): welcome, sabrina  :-)

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Hello welcome

Sabrina Wilson (Spain): Hi Ayat and all the rest of you. I'm really looking forward to this.

Moderator (Session Leader #2): yes

Sabrina Wilson (Spain): yes

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes

Larisa [Russia/USA]: yes

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Rubena !!

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: yes

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: yes

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: yes

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: very low

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): our pleasure, rubena  :-)

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: If you pull the little bar to the right under this chat room (beside the speaker icon) it will get louder for you.

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Gildeta - do you see the volume bar?

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: it´s ok now

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: thaks

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Good :)

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: great

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): sounds like a great agenda, rubena

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: I feel that blended courses are extremely powerful with students - especially the younger ones (ages 12-15 or so).

Moderator (Session Leader #2): Hello Marijana! Welcome :)

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Sharon, it is also powerful for college students too I think as it is blended and they see the instructor

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: hi Marijana

Marijana [Croatia]: Hello all, am a bit late

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Marijana :)

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: hi Marijana!

Moderator (Session Leader #2): don't worry... we started without you ;)

Marijana [Croatia]: Hello Marija :)

Marijana [Croatia]: I love when you are in charge Maria :)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): hi marijana  :-)

Moderator (Session Leader #2): oh... how did you know it? :D

Moderator (Session Leader #2): the same happens here in argentina :)

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Rubena, it is about Siberia too

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: very true - and you need to make sure all the available tools work on all the different devices.

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Hi Marijana

Marijana [Croatia]: I was kicked from room for  few seconds

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): or rubena... the dog ate the homework  ;-)

Larisa [Russia/USA]: True Sharon

Marijana [Croatia]: hi Sharon

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: lol

Moderator (Session Leader #2): LOL

Moderator (Session Leader #2): in my case... the doves :)

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: It often takes a couple of lessons on how to use the tool before they attack the lesson itself

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): fernanda, it seems that it's a very frequent excuse

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Those are important questions

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: can't remember anyone saying that to me

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): me neither, but i've read it in several articles

Larisa [Russia/USA]: What excuses she is talking about?

Larisa [Russia/USA]: Objectives are very important

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Hi Flavia

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): welcome, flavia  :-)

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Hi Flavia

Moderator (Session Leader #2): hi flavia :)

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: Hello, Teresa. Sorry for being late. Nice to be here! Hello, everyone.

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: it is necessary a needs analysis

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): gla you came, flavia

Moderator (Session Leader #2): sure gildeta :)

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA] to rubena st.louis [caracas ], Session Leader #2, teresadeca [portugal]: I dropped offline again - my connection is not good enough to save the chat room - sorry, please grab it Maria at the end.

Moderator (Session Leader #2): @sharon... sure, np

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: yeah it´s true

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: ok so far

Moderator (Session Leader #2): perfect :)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): rubena, do you do a diagnostic test?

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Ok, wonderful

Marijana [Croatia]: ok

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: yes, fine

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: ok

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: very nicely said -

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: We have had so many tools during these 5 weeks - this is a very good way to make certain you are implementing these new tools in a sound educational paradigm.

Moderator (Session Leader #2): agree sharon :)

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: Agree, @Sharon

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: tottally agree

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): the software is a means, a tool, not an end

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: Important, @Teresa

Marijana [Croatia]: Edmodo safer for YL

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: edmodo is great

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: You also need to be careful to not use too many at once - I always think 2 for new blended learners is enough - like Edmodo and a wiki - or Moodle and a blog - etc.

Moderator (Session Leader #2): yeap... that's a good idea sharon! esp if we still are learning how to use the tools ;)

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: not yet

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: No, thanks 4

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: ?

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Everything is so important, but not questions

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: I see a new one for me - netvouz

Marijana [Croatia]: love diigo

Marijana [Croatia]: you are so right Rubena, happened to me, but now have bookmarker

Moderator (Session Leader #2): that's me!! the word doc lover :)

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: i do the same

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): use the bookmarklet. it's even simpler

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Me, too. Delicious was out

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Which do you recommend as the easiest ?

Marijana [Croatia]: I think Diigo is the best

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: now it is back, but I had already moved to diigo

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Sometimes I think Diigo is almost too complex for some younger learners - I do use it myself.

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): for me, diigo is more for articles, bec. I highlight parts i like. delicious is more for just bookmarking

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): and tagging, of course

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: and to always teach that you must have permission - just because something is online does not mean it is available to use.

Moderator (Session Leader #2): that's why Creative Commoms is important

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I like the creating part, but it requires a lot of time

Moderator (Session Leader #2): LOL

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: That is right

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Oh - we never do that...   LOL

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: sure

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: teach your students also to prepare a script for answers - or use story boards for youngsters.

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: What great steps, Rubena

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: wonderful tips, Rubena ! :)

Moderator (Session Leader #2): oh... that's another one for our fast speakers team :)

Marijana [Croatia]: background noise, excellent idea

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: :)

Marijana [Croatia]: I can speak at 200 km per hour :)

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: wedotendtospeaksofastthatitallrunstogether

Moderator (Session Leader #2): oh reallly marijana?? we didnt know that :)

Larisa [Russia/USA]: I have to leave - very interesting presentation Rubena!

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: later, Larisa

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): bye larisa

Marijana [Croatia]: bye Larissa, you kne Maria :)

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: bye Larisa

Moderator (Session Leader #2): Bye Larisa! :)

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: bye Larissa

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: by, Larisa.

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: nice tips

Marijana [Croatia]: agree Gildeta, execellent

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: the colors are good for divisions of information - alternate between two or three.

Marijana [Croatia]: happens to me too often

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: so does to me

Moderator (Session Leader #2): lol :)

Moderator (Session Leader #2): subjet, verb and DO :)

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: is 'Audacity' a cutting video tool? if yes, is it downloadable and free?

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Go Animate is great

Marijana [Croatia]: yes, it's downloadable

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Audacity is a tool for audio only

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I have also used screener

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: go animate is really cool

Marijana [Croatia]: my son as well JA, he screened himself playing Minecraft online game

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: @ Marijana, Really? That is an interesting use for screencast

Marijana [Croatia]: My sons watch too much at youtube game tutorials

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: we say - variety is the spice of life - it is also the motivator of learning

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): right, sharon

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Tutorials are really useful. I have just bought an Apple TV and set it to the US to have a broader choice of movies at Netflix. I used tutorials to do that

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: If the group is too much heterogenious

Moderator (Session Leader #2): apple tv? is it red, green or yellow? :)

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: you have to suprise them all the time

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I will be creating some tutorials for wikispaces this evening and this presentation came in handy

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: love that Gildeta - surprise!

Marijana [Croatia]: it's a wonderful presentation, very clear, with nice tips

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: What kind of interactive activities?

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Apple TV? Mine is black. ha,ha,ha

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): in week4 there were many, cholpon

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): you can try them later

Moderator (Session Leader #2): @JA... thanks ;)

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): there isn't time for everything, cholpon  :-(

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: the drag and drop in CLEAR is very good.

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Apple TV is a console for TV much like a cable TV that allows you to mirror computer on your tv

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: and also to access movie services

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: My students used to LOVE glogster

Marijana [Croatia]: primary pad, her for the1st time, have to check that

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: and storybird, too

Moderator (Session Leader #2): we learnt a lot about Google :)

Marijana [Croatia]: http://primarypad.com/

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: What's primary pad ? First time to hear about it !!

Marijana [Croatia]: yes, a collaboration tool for writing , similar to titanpad, I think

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: http://primarypad.com/

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: Agree, @Rubena

Marijana [Croatia]: another great tool I came across recently http://learningapps.org/

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: PrimaryPad is a web-based word processor designed for schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real-time.

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: eyejot is great too

Moderator (Session Leader #2): I love voki

Marijana [Croatia]: http://www.howjsay.com/

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: You have to try to make the student feel like they know you and can contact you.

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: support - support - support - in all types of ways.

Moderator (Session Leader #2): sure, sharon!

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Oh, I like that - "the friendly tone".

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: yes Sharon

Marijana [Croatia]: hyperspace, lol

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: Very important, @Sharon. I once participated on a 4-moth remote course and there was the concept of Silent Period.

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: People simply vanished during a collaborative project - that was the aim of the course.

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Dsure

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes fo course

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Yes

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): sure we would

Marijana [Croatia]: yes

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: yes

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: yes

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: Really sad - as people sometimes don't have that spirit (Idon't know if this is the word) to attend an online course.

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: yes

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): yes

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Yes

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: yes

Marijana [Croatia]: yes

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: yes

Irina Kuznetsova [Volgograd, Russia]: yes

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: And your picture - brings you directly in connection with you immediately

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): http://1124p.pbworks.com/

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: I can't hear well.

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): we hear sth far away

Marijana [Croatia]: i click for my self

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: We can't hear

Marijana [Croatia]: you can then listen to it

Marijana [Croatia]: click on voki on webtour

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Ok

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: you have played it

Marijana [Croatia]: yes, Idid, but Teresa shared the link of Rubena's wiki, so you can check it later on your own

Sabrina Wilson (Spain): how do you create the flashcards?

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Did you prepare the entire course before yu teach it or do you prepare each day?

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Wow it looks cool

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Nicely done - with lots of different types of learning for different styles.

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Great quesiton, Gildeta.

Marijana [Croatia]: beforehand

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Are we supposed to register or report somewere to create an online or blended courses?

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: because it may be time consiming to prepae each day

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: thanks for your answer

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): ok

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: your presentation is awesome

Sabrina Wilson (Spain): What did you use to create the flashcards?

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: So, this was part of a blended

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: course

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: NA

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: needs Analysis

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): adapt the activities, so to say

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): i see. tks

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: lots of time to be sure they do not get lost...

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: is it possible to create jig saw reading and jig saw listening activities online?

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: @Chopon. I learned ClassTools.

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: someone asked about how you made the flashcards

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Sorry, but I will have to leave. It was very good to be here. This session was really useful.

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: Bye everyone

Moderator (Session Leader #2): ok JA

Moderator (Session Leader #2): see you

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: By JA

Moderator (Session Leader #2): thanks for coming

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: bye

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: I will be in touch for the reat of the year.

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: http://www.classtools.net/

JA [Brasilia, Brazil]: bye

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: Have you heard of Classtools

Sabrina Wilson (Spain): thank you

Marijana [Croatia]: yes, i have used them

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Which bookmarking tool you recommend ?

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: Bye, JA

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): which bookmarking tool is friendlier for you?

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: yea, exactly

Flavia [SP, Brazil]: So do I. I have to leave now. Tks, Rubena, for the valuable session. Best wishes to everyone.

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Diigo

Moderator (Session Leader #2): ok Flavia :)

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Thanks, Rubena

Marijana [Croatia]: me too Rubena

Moderator (Session Leader #2): bye bye flavia

Marijana [Croatia]: you can have the lists, yes, thta's why I like it

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: But tagging is important there as you said to make things easier to find, right?

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Yes, it´s easier to find them.

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: yes

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): sound isn't very good now, maria

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): that's ok

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): It´s my pleasure.

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: wonderful - thank you so much!

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: it was excellent

Marijana [Croatia]: I need to go now as well, thank you Rubena, it was a very nice and clear ppt!

Moderator (Session Leader #2): ok marijana

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: An awesome presentation :)!!!

Moderator (Session Leader #2): see you later

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: That was very clear and well organized, Rubena !! Thanksssssss

Marijana [Croatia]: bye

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): thank you again

Marija Huzjak-Saban [Velika Gorica, Croatia]: Thanks a lot! Bye!

Sabrina Wilson (Spain): So much information. Thanks and bye

Moderator (Session Leader #2): bye marija

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: I´m going to see the recording once again because there are many details I´d like to chack on

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: Thank you all , bye

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: thanks

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Thank you all.  Bye

Irina Kuznetsova [Volgograd, Russia]: Very useful! Thank you, Rubena!

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: congratulations

Moderator (Session Leader #2): thankssssssssssss

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: thanks, Rubena, for the great presentation!

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Thank you, Rubena, Teresa, Fernanda, Maria, Ayat, Marijana and all the participants

Ayat Tawel [Egypt]: :)

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: Thbank you Rubena.

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): You´re all very welcome.  I´ll do my best.  Thank you.

Moderator (Session Leader #2): thank you Rubena

Moderator (rubena st.louis [caracas ]): Bye.

Gildeta Serafim [Campinas SP Brazil]: see you bye

Cholpon Musaeva [India]: Bye

Fernanda Rodrigues [Portugal]: bye bye

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): i'm the last one to leave bec. of the recording

Sharon Betts [Maine, USA]: Bye everyone - excellent final presenter - see you all at Graduation party

Moderator (teresadeca [portugal]): bye sharon  :-)







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